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Jun 2, 2011 02:58 PM

June 3rd - National Donut Day (where you going?)

If I were in the City I'd head to Bob's. I'm thinking King Pin near UC or Pepples Donut Farm.

ny other places worth trying in the East Bay/Oak-Berk?

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  1. The woman at Happy Donuts (on Gilman below San Pablo) is incredibly nice and always gives freebies. The maple and chocolate taste like chemicals to me. Plain glazed old fashioned is better. The nearby place on San Pablo is pretty bad.

    How about the Hopkins Bakery?

    1. If I had my druthers, Leonard's for malasadas.

      1. Krispy Kreme Free Doughnut Day

        June 3, 2011 — during normal business hours

        Free doughnut of your choice, no purchase necessary.

        etails: Krispy Kreme Facebook

        TANSTAAFL but if you can make do with a doughnut today is the day.

        Facebook details%3

        On Friday, June 3, Krispy Kreme will give back to its guests by offering one FREE Krispy Kreme Doughnut on National Doughnut Day. The free doughnut offer is good for one doughnut of any variety per customer at participating U.S. Krispy Kreme retail shops.