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Jun 2, 2011 02:29 PM

Suggestions for lunch off QEW / Lakeshore

Looking for suggestions for lunch anywhere from Toronto to Oakville off the QEW or Lakeshore?
Looking for low to mid price range, any type of food. Free parking. thanks

Lakeshore Restaurant
2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

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  1. Woody's at 40th & Lakeshore has really great burgers,pulled pork & the odd special. Food is cooked over a wood fire(hence the name).I've always enjoyed it.

    1. I still think Monfort is pretty good. The original location off of Trafalgar/QEW (Iroquios (sp?) shore)

      Pork Shaslik sandwich is my fav.

      1. A couple recommendations for Oakville on Kerr St south of QEW to Lakeshore:

        1. Stoney's Bread Company - highly recommended. Have only had pizza and brunch items before and they were excellent. But the sandwiches seem to be the favourite of others on the board. Free residential parking on the side street.

        2. Mangiamo Pizza Buffet - very inexpensive. For ~$11 you get unlimited salad, pizza, pasta, soup and pop. Good service and they try their best. Quality or ingredients aren't as good as Stoney's but good value if you're a big eater. Free parking in plaza.

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          Yeah, I can recommend those two spots too... And, Mangiamo is pretty good for a buffet. They will custom make pizzas if what they have out isn't what you are looking for. The staff is very friendly there. This location is in the same plaza as Organic Garage which is a "discount" organic grocer that has some good deals from time to time.