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Jun 2, 2011 12:50 PM

Anything veggie friendly near 3rd and E St SW?

I might have to settle for Potbelly, but I'm willing to walk a bit for something more palpable.

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  1. You have entered the lack of chow zone. There are usually several food carts around the 7th & Maryland, SW area, see Other brick and mortars would be Vie de France, Atrium Cafe, Mitsitam Cafe in Museum of the American Indian, and National Gallery of Art. If you have a Fed Badge Dept of Energy has a good salad bar. More choices on other side of Mall in Penn Qtr if you have time.

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      or to sum up in regards to your question, (and thank god it wasn't vegan within a price zone) ummmmmm, no. that's near the DMV isn't it? (and for a DMV a really nice crew - seriously) in and out in 15 minutes)

      1. re: hill food

        Hill food- I need you I am going to SF again for a few days and want to discuss. Are you on DR? If so find me. If not you can find me by looking at my profile. I am re reading my old thread but have different requirements now :)