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Jun 2, 2011 12:47 PM

What's on your grill?

Tis the season and I could use some new grill recipes.

What are your tasty "go to" grilling recipes that are always a hit or do you have a stand out you'd try again? Anything goes, especially if everyday fool proof or crowd pleasing.

Any favorite marinades, condiments or rubs would be appreciated too!


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  1. I grilled the other night: a veggie burger, mushroom burger and garlic chicken breast. I cook ahead when grilling to not waste charcoal.

    Frankly, one of my faves, is BBQ black bean vegetarian pizza on the charcoal grill. LOL. I think I get fatter just daydreaming about it.

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      If you want to save a bunch of charcoal, get yourself a Weber Smokey Joe. When I'm just making a couple burgers, or another small-scale cook, I use mine almost every time. 10-15 briquettes will supply ample heat to cook what I want, and usually I'm able to re-use the coals for another meal.

    2. Although usually it is a prime dry aged NY strip or ribeye from Lobel;s for me, I "invented" some lamb patties for my daughter who loves lamb. Take a pound of ground lamb, and in a bowl mix in feta cheese crumbles, chopped sweet onion, and some chopped fresh rosemary along with black pepper. Form into 2-3 oval patties per pound and grill. I use lots of feta and onion. It is delicious.

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      1. We love this epicurious one for chicken...Southwestern Lime Chicken with Ancho Chili sauce....(hint: if you make the ancho chili sauce, it is MUCH easier to sub in some canned chipotle peppers instead of going thru the whole dried ancho chili steps...MUCH more flavor with the chipotles, in my opinion):

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          Val I made this last night with the canned peppers and it was so good! I'm bummed that there weren't any leftovers. Definitely a keeper. Thanks!

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            Great, so glad it worked for you!

        2. Skirt steak marinated in lime juice, soy sauce, olive oil, garlic and black pepper - 4 minutes a side over very hot coals, rest and slice thinly against the grain. Great with salsa made form grilled veggies and fresh flour tortillas!

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