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Jun 2, 2011 12:31 PM

Pita off the Corner - Manhattan

There is a new falafel/schwarma place on the Upper East Side called Pita off the Corner on first avenue. Apparently they also have a Brooklyn location. They say it's Glatt Kosher but I've never heard of the's from Staten Island. Thought? Comments?

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  1. From Koshertopia:

    Pita off the Corner II has opened at 1764 1st Ave (between 91st & 92nd St.) under the supervision of the CMD (Rabbi David Navaro)

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    1. re: DeisCane

      Their original location is in Brooklyn. Hands down my favorite place to eat. I hope the one in the city maintains the same standards.

      1. re: pitagirl

        Me too. I've been going there since it was Pita Corner, and it was mainly a take-away place with just three or four crowded seats. I haven't been there lately because I'm watching the money, but I look forward to going back. The salads are excellent.

    2. The original location has on display a hechsher on the hechsher - from R Reuven Feinstein. He certifies that R David Navarro is a reliable person, and if he says the restaurant is kosher then it's kosher. Is that good enough for you?