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Jun 2, 2011 12:05 PM

Le Grand Cerf, Le Relais de Sillery, near Reims

I've had these two restaurants recommended to me for dinner in the Champagne district. I am staying in Ludes and will have a car.

Any knowledge or recommendation would be most appreciated. In a perfect world, prefer a more lively dining room vs. quiet / sedate room.

Any suggestions outside or Reims or even in Reims proper if you are very high on a particular dining spot?


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  1. Boshtx, my wife and I have had the same two restaurants recommended to us.

    I would love to get some feedback from anyone who has eaten at either one.

    1. I know nothing about either of those restaurants, but my enthusiastic recommendation for a meal at Assiette Champenoise (just outside of Reims) is well known on this forum. The chef/owner, Arnaud Lallement, is among the top toques in France right now. Food is sublime, service as well.