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Jun 2, 2011 12:05 PM

Catania Cafe on Atlantic Ave

Has anyone been here to this little Sicilian cafe and bakery next to Sahadi's on Atlantic?

I stopped in yesterday and I was very surprised and excited with the offerings, although the selection is still quite small. I'd be interested to read anyone's reviews of the food, especially the sweets which i have yet to try, but look enticing. Even though I wasn't hungry, I couldn't resist getting 2 items--an anchovy and olive stuffed bread/pastry thing. It sort of looked like a fried calzone (please forgive me, I can't remember what it is called and I'm not terribly familiar with Sicilian food). It was really delicious. Salty, but not overpowering and with a greasy (in a good way), crunchy crust. I also ordered sardines which were stuffed with raisins and parsley (maybe nuts?), breaded and fried. These were spectacular. I'm still thinking about them and thankful that I still have half left in my fridge to have for dinner tonight. Anyway, I'd encourage others to try the place as it is definitely atypical for the neighborhood(s) and from my little sampling, it's also delicious.

193 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. What are the prices like? Also, do you know what else was on the menu or was it just cases with prepared items?

    The fact they have sarde a beccafico is a really good sign.

    Any Catania football club related memorabilia hanging for me to crack jokes at?

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      The prices are very reasonable for the amount of food you get. The sardines were filleted and then stuffed in between 2 fish--an order was 3 pieces or 6 large sardines for $8ish. The anchovy/olive stuffed bread was $3. Nothing on the menu was particularly expensive. As for other items, from what i can remember, there were two varieties of Sicilian slices, more types of stuffed bread/pastries, a cauliflower/tomato dish, beautiful looking arancini, and a salad bar of sorts with roasted veggies among other things. As for sweets, there were an assortment of cookies and an interesting looking brioche. They had a more extensive menu, I just don't remember it all. Most things seemed to be prepared within the case, but there was a note claiming that all items were made on the premises. Anyway, it was good and tasted very fresh.

      And, sorry to disappoint, but I don't think I recall any football paraphernalia!

    2. Interesting. This is the new iteration of a place not worth reviewing here, Reginella (my one visit there was to put down a slice that neither made me ill nor caused me to ever speak of it again). Their fairly quick closure and reinvention didn't particularly inspire interest but now I am curious.

        1. Do they have a place to sit, or is it take-out only?
          Want to try it for lunch on my bi-weekly sahadis-damascus-trader joe's run.

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          1. Just had the Siciliana, which is the anchovy, scallion, olive and pecorino-stuffed fry bread @bina mentions. The fry bread itself is quite similar to West Indian fry bread e.g. the "bake" half of "bake and shark." I'll be back to try more.