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Jun 2, 2011 10:53 AM

Report on our visit, so far

First, thanks to all the posters. I've been lurking and searching for things around Dupont Circle while my wife is here for a conference, and I'm telecommuting.

Second, thanks to all who recommended Darlington House. We just had lunch there today. Two specials, veal ragu over risotto, and seafood linguine. Both the rice and the pasta were perfect. The veal ragu very flavorful, and the seafood a good mix, with grape tomatoes and a nice touch with the crushed red pepper. Excellent wine - a rose, nicely dry, at 8 bucks a glass. It wasn't easy to get back up the hill to the Washington Hilton. :-)

Aftewords at Kramer books may not be the best restaurant in town, but their crab cake and rockfish special was good. The fish tacos as well (last night dinner)

And a big shout out to the kosher food stand at Nationals Park. A dog worthy of my Chicago roots, and a good shwarma with a great slaw as base.

I'm looking forward to making Truckeroo tomorrow.

Darlington House
Washington, DC, Washington, DC

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  1. From the Washington Hilton, go left on T St, bear left on Florida and in one block you'll be at 18th. there is a Belgian cafe, Locolat, in the building with the big MINT sign across the street. They have great savory waffles, several flavors, and the garlic is very, very good. They come with different toppings, the asparagus is inexpensive and lets the taste of the waffles shine through. Chocolates here are very expensive and very good, especially the ones with fruit fillings or the Himilayan pink salt on top.

    Locolat Cafe
    1781 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009