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Jun 2, 2011 10:14 AM

wong farms hydroponically grown tomatoes

I visited Santa Monica Farmers Market yesterday and bought some Wong Farms tomatoes....they are delicious....juicy and bursting with real tomatoey flavor....apparently grown almost year round in the desert in the Salton Sea area. I am trying to find out where else in the L.A. area I can purchase these great tomatoes. I can't find a web site or even a phone number for Wong Farms...Do they go to any other farmer's markets?? I live in No. Hollywood, so I'm trying to find something closer than Sta. Monica. Any info would be appreciated....

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you come to the Santa Monica Farmers Market again you can ask Debbie Chamberlain yourself about what other FM's they can be found at (if any):

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        I just listened to a broadcast that KCRW did from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market back in January and they interviewed Ms. Wong as part of their show. Mr. Wong said that their growing season for the hydroponic tomatoes is January through June - so it sounds like you are about to be out of luck for finding these again until next year. You can listen to it here (and Ms. Wong is the second interview after the chef from Ammo - so you don't have to wait long to hear her interviewed).

      2. I hope I'm not wrong, but am pretty sure they are at the Saturday farmer's market in Pasadena. There are two growers there who have good, ripe tomatoes.

        1. They have a stand at the Sunday Mar Vista FM as well. Pretty amazing flavors for tomatoes in the spring...

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            We got one today for Burgers tonight. It will be put against a Pineapple Tomato which we got from another vendor.