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Jun 2, 2011 08:54 AM

Help with good eats near Hopkins

Greetings Baltimore hounds. First: please forgive me, I haven't had time yet to do appropriate research, so I have a pretty open question. Taking a friend to dinner next Friday, respite for her while a spouse convalesces at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I'm not at all familiar with the area. Anything nice/convivial in the area? I'll be driving so yes, could go anywhere, but my unfamiliarity with your fair city is an issue. As far as I know friend eats all kinds of food, no issues there. Thanks for any thoughts as I begin to read through the Board.

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  1. Petit Louis, Gertrudes (short walk from Hopkins). NOT La Famiglia, which is nearby but not very good. Ambassador for Indian.

    Petit Louis
    4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210

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      While I agree that Gertrudes is a lovely restaurant, it is close to Johns Hopkins University (Charles Village), not Johns Hopkins Hospital (Upper Fells Point).

      My suggestion is Birches, located in Canton (about a 15 minute drive from JHH). It's good comfort food served in a nice but not overly formal setting.

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      1. I would not recommend Birches to someone dealing with the stress of a spouse in the hospital. The 1+ hour wait for food plus the high probability of a run-in with the appalling attitude of the owners and staff makes it a no-go for me in this situation. Food can be pretty good, though.

        As stated above, check out Fells, Canton and Harbor East and I will also add Mt. Vernon. Look into Sotto Sopra in Mt. Vernon.

        1. Thanks all again for your suggestions. Fyi at the suggestion of a Baltimore friend who joined us, we ended up at Vino Rosina, It was excellent – food was good, the space was nice, modern etc., and I was glad that they also do “short pours” if you don’t want a full glass of wine. Had some excellent short ribs with a nice summer salad, and a short pour of California pinot. I'd definitely go again.