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Jun 2, 2011 08:14 AM

Is meat losing its allure?

Mark Bittman's latest blog entry -
is another of his exhortations to eat less meat. Along with other writers, notably Michael Pollan ("Eat food, mostly plants, not too much), the proponents of "less meat-tarianism" seem to be growing in number. Concerns about factory farming, extensive use of antibiotics and health issues, such as dietary cholesterol, have led many people to reduce or eliminate the meat component of their diets.

Are 'Hounds buying into this way of thinking or does tasty food trump everything else?

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  1. Meat lost its allure for me decades ago. I didn't have to give up "tasty food" when I gave up meat, because I do not find meat to be tasty. When the exhortations to give up cheese begin, though (if they ever do), I will have some soul-searching to do.

    1. I think it's losing its allure but I don't want to go veg yet. I have decided, no more grocery store meat if I can. Starting in July when the next season starts I"m joining a meat CSA.

      My one friend is going what he calls "Vealgan"...he plans to be veg at home but if he is out and want s meat or something is especially good looking he plans to eat it anyway. I will not convince my SO to go veg or "vealgan" though.

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        that's the worst way to go because you have no control over the meat origin.

        1. re: fara

          I'm not really supporting the decision. This is why I preferred to find a meat CSA. While they aren't certified organic because they don't own the land they farm. That's the way they practice farming. Looking forward to trying it.

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            Agreed in principle. I could also be a vealgan who usually tries to order meat dishes at restaurants where the source is known. I think it's a good step either way, especially for people who do not eat out often, because at least you're not eating the crappy stuff all the time. The more I avoid factory farmed meat, the more the thought of eating it is unappetizing, so nowadays I usually either order a fish dish(because I don't make fish a lot at home) or get the veggie option. Hope that makes sense...I haven't had any coffee yet this morning :)

        2. I've come to recognize that an Aristotelian prescription of moderation is a comfortable guide. Thus, in all things food and drink, I tend to purchase and consume less, but generally compromise with better quality. Tastier meat, fruit, vegetables, beer, wine, etc. Yes, I suppose I eat less beef when I split a rib eye with my wife, but it's dry-aged and prime. Ultimately, economic factors play a greater part than sociological or environmental ones.

          Occasional gluttony is no vice, when balanced with occasional deprivation.

          To be clear, meat is very alluring.

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          1. re: MGZ

            +1. Moderation in all things, including moderation has been my philosophy for many, many years. Eating a well balanced diet is the healthiest thing, but many in Western society have little self-control. We have many choices here to live a more healthy way of life without completely eliminating certain tasty foods.

            1. re: MGZ

              "Occasional gluttony is no vice, when balanced with occasional deprivation."


            2. The amount of meat we eat, per person, has not changed much in decades. The amount of carbs we get in our diet, is another issue.

              None of this, though, has any bearing on how much you should get.

              1. But there are still plenty of threads about low carb, no grain, or paleo diets - i.e. ones where meat, in one form or another, is a big part. Insects are a good source of protein, but haven't attracted a lot of attention yet.

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                  Not if you follow hipster food movements--bacon (house smoked, natch) bacon, beef cheeks and pork belly in everything, offal, diy butchering, and odes to slaughter-my-own-pigs-as-personal journey, etc. But I may be wrong.