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Jun 2, 2011 07:54 AM

Guide To Ice Cream Shops In Austin Texas

It's about time to start eating lots of ice cream as Austin's brutal summer is drawing nigh.

Amy's sets a pretty high bar but I quit going there after reading this

and this

Is there another source for home grown ice cream in Austin?

If not, what is your favorite shop where you can run in and get a scoop without breaking the bank?

Big bonus points if they have managed to capture a coconut and work it into the flavor profile.

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  1. I personally stopped going to Amy's years ago, not because they hate food trailers, but because their ice cream sucks. Way too heavy and it is the last thing I want sitting like a brick in my gut on a hot day. Its seems to fall in the line of insane richness = automatic greatness.

    Give me some good gelato or natural vanilla bean blue bell (only one without HCFS) any day. Teo over on 35th has some good gelato, but I stopped going there after knowing several counter workers/baristas that have very unfavorable words for the owner.

    1206 W 38th St, Austin, TX 78705

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    1. re: bbq1995

      Amy's is one of those places your supposed to love just because it's "austin-y", not necessarily because it's good. While I wouldn't go so far as to say it sucks (for me), it certainly isn't anything memorable. I remember moving here and someone saying how great it was. When I gave it a "meh" review, man, the glares I got...!

      The standard for me was cold stone before they tried to franchise the world - I grew up in tempe back when they were a local shop - except they were truly great back then - sweet cream with pie crusts. Man, that was good.

      I do go to Amy's but mostly because I don't have any alternative... marble slab isn't close to me, although I do like the fact that the one location has apple pie that I can add to my ice cream (back to the whole pie crusts thing). That gets me thinking - is there even another ice cream store besides marble slab and amy's? I've been eating gelato as of late so, I have no idea...

      Amy's could do themselves a favor and freeze or make the piece of plastic they mix everything on COLD so it's not all melty and runny when I get it... Never understood why they didn't do that. Made that suggestion once and the explanation I got was "too expensive".

      1. re: bbq1995

        I have to say, I love Amy's, but it's more of a winter ice cream for me. Very dense, creamy, and even chewy. I think it is delicious on a nice Austin winter day (60 degrees and sunny).

        I do like the gelato at Central market.

        Is Dolce Vita on Duval still around?

      2. If you want good gelato, and don't mind price, whole foods actually has some great gelato, especially their nut ones, such as pistachio (the nuts are roasted on site). What I wish we had is a good Ben and Jerry's, like we used to have. I'm actually friends with the daughter of the guy who owns all of the ones in san antonio, and he wants to open here again. Keep your fingers crossed

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        1. re: shalom9

          No matter who runs the scoop shop Ben and Jerry's is not going to be the answer anymore. Their ice cream used to be great, but the larger the company got and the more popular they became the crappier their ice cream got.

        2. I miss working at 507 Sabine mainly because of Jim-jim's water ice, which was right around the corner on 6th. It is a Philly thing but it sure is good in Austin summers.

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          1. re: tim irvine

            They just opened a Rita's Water Ice on Walsh Tarlton at Bee Cave Rd. if you're still on the prowl for Philly-centric ices.

          2. when i moved here from boston, i was baffled by amy's ice cream.

            it seemed very much like boston's jp licks, right down to the cow motif.

            i recall reading that the founder of jp licks was an initial investor, so that explains it.

            i don't care for amy's because it's too expensive and too heavy.

            bostonians eat a LOT of ice cream, even in the dead of winter.

            but now that i moved here, i eat it maybe once a year.

            and, it's usually a pint of some non-chocolate ben and jerry's from HEB.

            still haven't figured out the bluebell love.

            it's got waaaaaay too much overrun for me.

            i don't indulge too often but when i do, i like%3

            central market's gelatos (do both locations still have them? it's been a while)

            whole foods' gelatos (the vegan ones are interesting and good for the lactose intolerents)

            casey's sno balls (omg, these are soooooo good).

            i boycott teo's because a friend had a horrific working experience there.

            i don't give my money to douchebags.

            1. Lick on S. Lamar is super excellent. Try the goat cheese, thyme, honey one. It rocks.

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              1. re: alawder

                Second this - their flavors are great and balanced, and it's never too heavy. Easily the best ice cream I've had in town.

                1. re: alawder

                  Third this. LOVE their ice creams. My favorites are the cilantro lime & the grapefruit ginger.

                  1. re: malarkey

                    Fourthing this. The strawberry basil this summer is insanely good. Also the quark with fig.

                    1. re: foodiegal71

                      5thing this. Salt and caramel makes my kids eyeballs roll back in their heads.

                      After 20 years in Austin, finally some good ice cream.

                      1. re: franknbeans

                        Salt & Caramel top scoop + Spicy Chocolate bottom scoop. Delish.