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Jun 2, 2011 06:50 AM

Sky Ice: good Thai food (and ice cream) in Brooklyn--can it be??

Stopped by Sky Ice last night after I read that this new little place on Fifth Ave in Park Slope was run by Thais from Chiang Mai. I was after their khao soi, curried noodles. I had a lovely conversation with the owner and also was persuaded to try their Thai iced tea ice cream, which was phenomenally delicious.

But I'm not a sweet person, I'm a savoury person. So on to the noodles. I am hugely picky about my NY Thai food after years in SE Asia (I don't even like Sripaphai much). OK, these noodles weren't exactly what you'd get in Chiang Mai. But for NY--and especially for Brooklyn--they were more than good. The owner says she brings in the curry paste specially from Thailand, and you can taste it. I asked for extra chili sauce and it ended up being a great balance of flavours and spice.

They have a (very) few other savoury dishes and will likely expand if business takes off. Go and try it!

63 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  1. bumping up... they have more savoury dishes as specials on weekends (on Sunday they had massaman curry with roti; summer rolls with tamarind sauce; and some kind of salmon dish).

    1. Oh, I wish I saw this post before I ordered dinner from Song. Decided to try it again, asking for it super super spicy. The spice level wasn't really a problem, but the food was. I love khao soi and look forward to trying their version.

      1. Ordered some delivery of the khao soi and noodles in green curry. They did the correct thing and packaged the noodles and soup separately so the noodles wouldn't get soggy. For the khao soi, they also packaged the pickled veggies separately as well. For Brooklyn, the khao soi is indeed a respectable version. But there were no crispy noodles! Either their version doesn't have the crispy noodles or they forgot to put it in. The curry was good (maybe a tiny bit too sweet for my taste). But the green curry was way too sweet. I'm hoping they can dial down the sugar in that one. However it did have a nice kick.

        I hope they expand the menu to include more savory items.

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        1. re: Miss Needle

          Is khao soi really uncommon in New York? It isn't something I really crave, but the way you two write about it makes it sound like it's not easy to get. However, I don't like it too sweet and it must have crispy noodles!

          (I mean, I've had it without before so I don't think it's absence indicates a mistake, I just prefer it).

        2. I love this place. Really good ice cream with interesting, unique, flavors.

          Also, it's the only place that I've ever seen carb free pad thai. They make the noodles out of papaya instead of using rice noodles. As a general rule, I have no problem with carbs, but this sounded really interesting. It didn't really taste like pad thai, but I enjoyed it a lot more than most pad thai.

          1. Yes it can be. We loved the ices (I had lychee/rose) and enjoyed the Thai food. I'm not an expert, but we found the savory dishes to be a little lighter than we are typically used to. A nice change of pace. And the owners are really nice, and their little girl (maybe 3) running around is adorable. Family run and the kind of place I root for.

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            1. re: SpiceJunkies

              Its a charming, charming place and I think their food has promise but the curries, especially the khao soi are MUCH TOO SWEET. Also, I find the practice of just dumping the bland, unseasoned meat into the curry sauce at the end to be a poor one. Khao soi in a real chicken curry (like at Sripraphai) is a completely different dish from curry gravy with pieces of chicken breast or tofu dumped in at the end - it simply doesnt have time to pick up any flavor from the sauce..

              I am sick of this wimpy style of cooking thai food. These folks could do better, how to get them - or any of the others - to do it?

              presentation is very nice, roti was too greasy, dont know wjy, papaya salad excellent.

              63 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217