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Jun 1, 2011 10:22 PM

Paris - Les Papilles vs. La Moustache

Okay, I realise I am taking a risk here, but I am going to ask for possibly polarizing advise just the same. I have a choice to make for a Saturday night at either Les Papilles or La Moustache. I've (of course) read the great reviews of both here & on JT's blog.

I am leaning toward Les Papilles (not really sure why) but I have a concern. Since LP is a set daily menu based on what is good at the time, what are the odds that a winter (Nov) meal will feature offal/blood sausage? I've tried these types of offerings several times & they are just not something I enjoy. I think it is more texture than anything else, but the result is the same.

So, given my hang up/preference, should I try for a reservation at LP or go with Moustache that will offer more options? Your excellent counsel is very appreciated.

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  1. I've eaten at LP multiple times and can assure you that the proteins served never include offal or blood sausage. The usual meats range from rack of lamb, duck breast, lamb shanks, braised veal or pork breast.

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    1. I just returned from Paris and ate at Les Papilles last Friday night. The menu consisted of a cold (actually room temp) cauliflower soup that was very creamy and included some raw shaved cauliflower, croutons, and ham; a hearty mix of duck breast, potatoes, carrots, and snow peas; a rather nondescript blue cheese (they didn't specify) served with a much more flavorful prune; and a vanilla panna cotta with strawberry. The soup was the highlight; the rest was merely okay (the cheese and dessert) to good (the duck). I think my expectations for the food were somewhat higher than the reality. I also hadn't realized that dishes were simply dropped off at the table and that you served yourself. Overall, it was a decent but not noteworthy meal. I didn't eat at Moustache, so I can't say how the two compare.

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          We, too, weren't blown away by Papilles. We just had fabulous bistro meals at Auberge Pyrenees Cevennes and Bistro Paul Bert. Of the newer type places, Spring dazzled.

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            We didn't get to Spring, but the food at Rino was quite good. The fact that it's largely a one-man show made the service a bit lacking (we didn't get our first course for at least 45 minutes to an hour after our arrival, although a large, very festive group at the next table might have contributed to this), but the food overcame the wait.

            I don't want to restart the Rino ravioli controversy, but we did begin the meal with aubergine ravioli that featured smoked mozzarella and basil as well as anchovies, escabeche vegetables, and grilled vegetable jus--it was delicious! The fish and pigeon were firmly in the French style.