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Jun 1, 2011 09:42 PM

Red Hamburger Relish (moved from L.A. board)

Over the years there have been untold hours of research devoted to finding the extremely rare Red Hamburger Relish, especially in SoCal. While it seems that Heinz dropped it from their list of products years ago, I have the ultimate replacement, perhaps even exceeding the expectations of myriads of Heinz lovers. There is however, one small problem. The name is "BICK'S Hamburger Relish" and it is manufactured in Markham, Ontario, Canada. In recent years this company has been bought out by the "Smucker Foods Corporation". The phone number is 1-800-268-3232. This relish is perhaps the best of the best. It contains all the ingredients of the old Heinz product, plus some other things like Cauliflower, dehydrated Onions, and garlic, which I don't remember being in the Heinz product. These relishes of course are based on Cucumber and Tomato Paste. There are no chilies involved. I have a hard time "importing" it from Canada, but it is not impossible. I have always been amazed by the lack of "Red Relish" nuts in the Western part of the U.S. Many people I talk to have never heard of "Red Relish" and especially on Hamburgers. They just don't know what they are missing.

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  1. I've lived in Toronto all my life, so I'm very familiar with the red relish you're describing. And yes, it's always been made by Bick's. The thing is though, when I was a kid, I always preferred standard GREEN relish. Next time I'm in a supermarket, I'll look for the red relish, now that you've reminded me!

    1. This brings back memories. I love the red relish!

      1. I moved from SoCal (orange county) to Arizona 3 years ago. I really enjoyed the Heinz brand, when it was discontinued I came across the Knotts Berry Farm Steak Relish, it was great on burgers and steak. The steak relish was discontinued shortly after the Knotts family sold the Jellys, syrups and other food items to Con Agra. A lot of people get red relish (pepper based) confused with red hamburger relish (cucumber, sweet red pepper and tomato based) product I'm looking for. I just found and ordered a sweet tomato hamburger relish made by a company called Cains, I called the company and was told that Cains is very well known in the Northeast USA but not really anywhere else. They also have a sweet red pepper relish, I ordered both jars from famousfoods.com, the shipping price was very reasonable and the order should be here next week.. Now I'm going to try and find a jar of the B&G hamburger relish just to try it and compare. Has anyone tried the Cains or B&G? FYI, I think the Knotts Berry Farm Brand Steak Relish had Cauliflower in it also. The thing I like about the Knotts brand was that all the veggies in it were crunchy. I just ran out of the Del Monte brand hamburger relish and want to try another brand just to see what is out there.

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          You can find B&G from time to time at Big Lot's. Where do you find the Del Monte burger relish in AZ?

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            I did not find the Del Monte here in AZ, I ordered it from mybrands.com. I thought the mybrands shipping charges was high but I wanted to try the Del Monte to see how it was. I think there is a Big Lots in Goodyear or Avondale, I'll stop by and see if they Have the B&G. I found another site that had another brand so I ordered it so when they arrive I'll post my opinion on each one and list them in order of being my favorites. So far my list will contain 5 items. I'll post it in the general topics section,

        2. we always had Bick's relish in England. Not only red but a green one and a yellow corn one too. I haven't lived there for a few years but assume they are still available in the UK. Growing up in England all the burger restaurants had a relish tray of all three colours which was left on the table. It probably wouldn't pass health and safety laws now to be moved from table to table.