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Jun 1, 2011 07:32 PM

All Clad - Supermarket Sweep?

So, if you could hit up the All Clad sale and you could fill a shopping cart with whatever you heart desires - what would you get? I'm envisioning a supermarket sweep kind of haul :)

This is just a fun, whimsical post, if you're not a fan feel free to pass!

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  1. olympia, wake up! You now have a beautiful new set of Falk Culinaire. Why trade down?

    My good friend and fellow CH'er alarash recently showed me a large, nearly pristine set of Falk he bought on Craigslist, all for $400. I was very impressed by the weight, less so by the narrowness and scale of the handles. How are you liking yours?

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Bougeat, my friend, bourgeat! I'm definitely liking it and would far prefer a supermarket sweet of copper!

      I'd love a great clad roasting pan, some bakeware, measuring cups and spoons and maybe a huge stockpot or butter warmer. I'd like to pay about $150 for all that! In my dreams, that is.

      Kaleo, I can be an equal opportunity lover. Some of my AC pieces are particularly cherished. But then again, I also like LC and even Lodge!

      1. re: olympia

        Hi, olympia:

        Borgeat, that's a relief. Those handles on the Falk disappointed me. The brushed finish (which actually looked bead-blasted) made them look smaller, too.

        Does your AC wishlist include that strange chicken roaster with the basting arm? Does AC make simple pastry rounds (not springforms)?


        1. re: kaleokahu

          Glad to hear your thoughs on Falk. The Bourgeat is great so far but the mirror finish inside is a little weird.
          I just want a clad roasting pan no strange arm though! I'm hoping for a 9" round baker. That might be the only size they make.

          1. re: kaleokahu

            I am not Olympia but my wish list does include that strange chicken roaster! Anyone ever use one?

            My sweep would include measuring spoons, a 2nd set of measuring cups, a large roasting pan, another large stock pot and a couple of baking sheets.

            I would gladly throw my stupid pasta pentola insert under the cart for the chance at a sweep!

            1. re: cleobeach

              Sounds like we have a very similar wishlist! Do you have the regular measuring cups? I've got the odd size set and would like the standard set - and the spoons!

              Have you used any of the bakeware? I wanted some and did see a shallow roaster but it was still higher than I wanted to pay.

              1. re: olympia

                I have the regular sized cups and love them. I have eyed the odd set but resisted so far.

                I keep wishing my cheapy spoons would run away from home so I would "need" a new set.

                No, I haven't used any of the bakeware. I run though baking sheets at an alarming rate and yearn for several heavy duty ones.

      2. I'd get a MasterChef2 saute pan. It's not exactly a supermarket sweep, but from now to June 15, the 4-quart (10.5") saute is $168. at several places. It's IMO the best even-and-responsive heating for the money, isn't absurdly heavy, and has a helper handle (pretty essential for a pan that needs to be put into and taken out of the oven for many recipes).

        If the MC sauciers had a pouring lip, they too would be the bargains of their field.

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        1. re: ellabee

          The 4 qt. saute in the stainless with the domed lid is much less than that! It's a promotional piece, and they are deep discounting the regular stainless line now. I got mine in Bloomies, a first quality piece, for $66!

          1. re: blondelle

            That is a good price for a useful piece.

            The cooking properties of straight aluminum lined with stainless are significantly better than aluminum clad on both sides with stainless. True, MasterChef isn't induction ready, but for those cooking on a flame, it's the better choice (from the heating p.o.v.)

            The advantage of MasterChef (and thick aluminum in general) is greatest in the larger sizes, where copper would be reaalllly heavy: 12-inch and bigger skillets, 3-qt sauciers, 4-qt and larger saute pans.

            1. re: ellabee

              Yes, but it's not pretty and shiny, and the MC doesn't stay nice looking. That's at least as important to me as it's thermal properties :-).

              1. re: blondelle

                Ah. Well to each his/her own; the brushed exterior is very much a part of MC's appeal to me, along with its thermal properties.

        2. I got to visit crate today and I thought the selection was pretty great. Unfortunately they didn't have what I was looking for. Some great deals were D5 sauce pans 2 qt for $46 and 3 qt for $55. There was a gorgeous copper core 12" chef's pan for $109 and many other assorted great deals. I was looking for bakeware which wasn't reduced that much and a roaster and the only one was really dinged up.
          If I hadn't just bought a set I probably would have picked up a few pieces.

          1. I didn't end up going. My friend, who was the one who really wanted to go, was on-call at his work, and due to his work-related complications, we just couldn't make it. Besides, what I've read about the way the steamer doesn't fit in the saucepan with the loop, there probably wasn't anything I wanted.

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            1. re: Jay F

              If it makes you feel better I didn't see a steamer insert at Crate. From what I can tell the selection was way better at Crate than it was at the fairgrounds. I didn't find what I wanted but if I had a bigger wishlist I'm sure I could have walked away with a great deal.