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Red Hamburger Relish

A couple years ago, there were some posting here trying to find red hamburger relish in the LA area, has anybody ever found any? I'm visiting SoCal next month on business and I want to find some in a store. I recently found out that Del Monte licenses a small company to make some under the Del Monte label and I tried a jar of it and it is not that bad but the mail order company selling it has huge shipping/handling fee and makes a $2 something jar a $7 something jar by the time you get it. I see that Amazon has the B&G brand, what are your opinions of the B&G brand? Does anyone know any other company that makes any red hamburger relish?

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  1. Are you talking about the red relish, like Bob's Big Boy?

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      I like the red relish which the Apple Pan uses.

      Apple Pan
      10801 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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        I stopped at Bob's Big boy and had a burger with their red relish on it. The relish seemed to be a ketchup based relish without much flavor or seasoning in it, I thought it was a boring relish. Bob's Big Boy is not like it use to be, back in the 80's or 90's Bob's was sold to a big corporation and I believe the quality of the food suffered after the sale. In my opinion, Heinz made the best hamburger relish, Knotts Berry Farm had a red relish they called "steak relish" which was excellent on steaks or burgers but that product was discontinued shortly after the Knotts family sold the jam, jellies, sauces and syrups to Con Agra.

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          Carl's Jr/Hardees uses a red relish on their burgers.

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            I stopped in at a Bob's and they do sell their red relish for $6.99 1lb jar.

        2. we have a huge jar of bob's big boy red relish at home. the SI loves it, but i prefer the green to it. before, we'd gotten some to go from that diner downtown that i saw on a previous CH link about red relish- i liked that stuff better. i look forward to more responses to see if there are any updates.

          1. The Counter has yummy red relish. Maybe you could buy it there.

            1. Yes, there were several responses in that thread about where to find it.

              They still have it at HOWS market in Pasadena.

              I think I saw another brand somewhere else recently, possibly at Whole Foods.

              Here's the old thread.


              1. Stonewall Kitchens makes a Red Relish. (See http://www.stonewallkitchen.com/shop/... for details.


                I haven't tried it, but I've never had anything from Stonewall that wasn't pretty seriously good.

                Gelson's (at least the Laurel Canyon/Riverside location) has just added a display of Stonewall products, though I don't recall if the Red Relish was included. There are of course many online sources.

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                  The Stonewall Kitchens relish is a pepper-based relish, rather than a cucumber pickle-based condiment (with tomato base for the red).

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                    I am going to see if Vicente Foods will order it. They are always so customer-friendly.

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                      That's the one I was talking about. Contains no tomato; I don't think that's what the OP was seeking.

                2. Heinz was the best store bought Red Relish. When that disappeared I found this simple recipe

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                      Thanks for the recipe but your link didn't work for me. This link to the recipe works though:


                  1. I posted some information on a terrific red relish last night June 1st., but it seems to have disappeared. The relish is made by a company in Canada called "BICK'S" in Ontario, Canada. It is now owned by Smucker Foods. In my opinion it was even better than the Heinz relish, which is no longer made.

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                      Very similar ingredient list to the Steinfeld's red hamburger relish, including cucumbers and tomato paste.

                    2. For a very long time I've been trying to duplicate a red relish I had years ago at a BBQ & Steak House outside of Dallas (wish I could remember the name). I'd really appreciate any input from anyone who's familiar with the specifics of a typical Texas steak relish........ and also whether any of those mentioned in this topic are either similar or could be used as a base for one. Thanks.

                      BTW: The restaurant shown below has nothing to do with my post. It just popped up because i used the words "steak house" I guess. I'd see if they have a good relish, but I just don't think Chowhound has that kind of connection figured out.

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                        Love red burg relish. I remember when Montys was in Encino on Ventura blvd and they served a red relish.. As the years passed and they moved to Woodland Hills I have not been back since. Wonder if they still have it??? Anyway, I mix chili sauce with some pickle relish.. YUMMMM!!! Try it out.. Cheers..

                      2. I found a website called famousfoods.com and saw the had hamburger relish from Cains, researching Cains I found out they are really well know in the Northeast. I ordered a bottele of the hamburger relish and a bottle of the sweet red pepper relish. I ordered another brand of relish from another website and will post a short review on the different brands once they arrive. The shipping price is less through famous foods than what other sites charge.