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what wine pairs best with bacon?

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This came up the other day and I'm just curious what opinions others have. Personally I like a really light bodied fruit forward pinot noir, a couple russian rivers come to mind, or sometimes even a sweeter med to full bodied white like a chenin blanc if the bacon is particularly salty. And if I'm really in a mood, I may just opt for a glass of sparkling shiraz.

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  1. I like bacon or rillettes with fizzy red wines like Lambrusco or Brachetto or Marzemino. Also German kabinett's (especially the ones that are a bit petillant with CO2) are a great fit. Roses are a decent match too, but I avoid anything too big heavy or tannic. Oak & salty fats just seem to clash in my mouth.

      1. I love the FIZZ. Champagne, a dry Lambrusco, a sparkling rose....all good.
        Although cliche....and terribly predictable, my favorite is mimosa's with Bacon and eggs....I can't help it, I still love it. Acid, fruit and fizz with the salty, fatty porky goodness..mmmmmmm.....

        1. Bacon eh?

          I find "bacon" elements in many PN's and also FR Syrahs, especially from the Northern Rhône.

          I'd start looking there.


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          1. +1 for Riesling - from the Mosel, with some residual sugar. No-brainer.

            1. greman riesling. kab or spat. mosel or pfalz.

              1. Champagne works well, especially rose, but then what doesn't Champagne go with?

                Older Hermitage and Cote Rotie work great, as long as they have good acidity. I've done less well with Burgundies; even though the flavor profile and structure are right, they don't always have enough density to match up to bacon.