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Excellent new Burger

princeofpork Jun 1, 2011 05:18 PM

I have 2x now had the burger at BareBurger on 3rd and 34th. Excellent burger, beers, fries, onion rings. Everything about this place will make me come back again.

514 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

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    escaped Jan 31, 2012 08:11 PM

    i'll admit, the burgers are good. properly cooked most times, except when the greenwich branch first opened. i've enjoyed them while eating them each time, and i've been a number of times. but am i the only one that gets an almost msg-y feel about half an hour afterwards? based on what i order, it seems like their sauces (while very flavorful) are the culprit.

    anyone else? it could all be in my head.

    1. m
      meinNYC Jan 27, 2012 10:13 PM

      Does anyone remember if the bun had sesame seeds? Am allergic and that determines which burger places I can try.

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      1. re: meinNYC
        howdini Jan 27, 2012 10:31 PM

        We were given a choice of whole grain or brioche buns. We chose the brioche, which was seedless. I'm not sure about the other one.

      2. howdini Jan 20, 2012 06:39 PM

        There's a brand new location at 2nd Ave and 5th St, in the old Sin Sin space. One block away from my gf's...woohoo!

        85 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

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        1. re: howdini
          EV_Eats Jan 22, 2012 08:33 AM

          You been there yet Howdini? It's not like we need more burger spots in the East Village, but I am eager to try it out...
          East Village Eats http://www.eveats.com

          1. re: EV_Eats
            howdini Jan 22, 2012 10:01 AM

            Haven't tried it yet, but I will this week.

            1. re: EV_Eats
              howdini Jan 27, 2012 10:29 PM

              Ate there a couple of days ago with my gf: good burger/fries (with three different dipping sauces: a curried ketchup and two kinds of aioli, all good), ok caesar salad. We both ordered medium rare, but were given medium-well; the server, very attentive and concerned, told the manager, who gave us a 15% discount on the meal. Despite being cooked over the way we prefer, it was still pretty juicy and tasty, nicely seasoned.

              I still think the best burger in the nabe is at Korzo Haus (and those fried halusky are GENIUS).

              Korzo Haus
              178 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

              85 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

              1. re: howdini
                foodwhisperer Jan 28, 2012 09:26 AM

                thanks Howdini. 7th street has become quite the street for food. I'll try that Korzo Haus. I go to Porchetta, Luke's, Kyo Ya, Maharlika, good block

                1. re: foodwhisperer
                  howdini Jan 28, 2012 10:07 AM

                  Oh, you're in for a treat at Korzo! Definitely get those fried halusky.

                  I still haven't tried Maharlika...what do you recommend?

                  1. re: howdini
                    nativeNYer Jan 28, 2012 10:05 PM

                    I need to thank you as well, howdini. Haven't heard of Korzo before reading your post. i've looked at the online pics of the burgers and the fried halusky. Whoaaaa! Will try ASAP, and then I will do a long run the day afterward if I haven't stroked out. :) Thanks!!

                    1. re: nativeNYer
                      howdini Jan 28, 2012 10:28 PM

                      It's because of this board that I found it myself, so thank everyone!

                      Each time I've been there, the main chef (Steve) has been there; the menu is entirely his creation. He's a SUPER nice guy, sitting and talking with my son and me (I've only gone really early, like 5-6pm; it gets crazy later). He told us that he's obsessed with the proper cooking of the burgers, and rides his line cooks to get it exactly right. Each time I've ordered, it was cooked perfectly medium rare (although the Polish-style bacon was undercooked and a bit rubbery; no matter: it's better without it!).

                      The chicken sandwich is delicious, too. But those fried halusky just put everything over the top.

                      Rather than exercise, I usually just sleep for two days straight after a meal there. Excellent beer selection, too!

                      Korzo Haus
                      178 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

                      1. re: howdini
                        sgordon Jan 30, 2012 01:08 PM

                        I'll just +1 some love for Korzo Haus. Awesome, awesome burgers. Love the "Slav" in particular but they're all good, and sometimes I'll go with his special burger-of-the-day if it's calling out to me. I'm a little more partial to the halusky with cheese over the fried, but either way are pretty good. I don't know if the all-organic thing makes it better - IIRC, he actually grinds his own mustard with special mustard seeds from a farm in Canada because they were the only guaranteed organic mustard farm he could find - but the end result is tasty, so I'm down.

                        That said, after a Korzo Burger & halusky, you might not need to eat for a couple days... it's a meal and a half.

                        Korzo Haus
                        178 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

                        1. re: sgordon
                          howdini Jan 30, 2012 01:16 PM

                          I like the regular halusky, toosky, but that deep fried stuff is *addictive*!

                          1. re: sgordon
                            Bob Martinez Jan 30, 2012 10:39 PM

                            I've been eating their burger and sausage platters for years at their original Brooklyn location. They've been terrific from the start.

                            1. re: Bob Martinez
                              howdini Jan 30, 2012 11:05 PM

                              I used to live on 20th St between 5th and 6th; I moved out 5 years too soon :(

                            2. re: sgordon
                              Ricky Jan 31, 2012 06:43 AM

                              Korzo Haus is excellent. Steve is great, sometimes he goes over the top with the Steve burger though, one time he had pulled chicken and pork belly in it and it was too much for me.

                              The Brindleroom is also great if you want a dry aged burger. Its a poor man's Minetta.

                              Brindle Room
                              277 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009

                              1. re: Ricky
                                howdini Jan 31, 2012 08:42 AM

                                I've got to go back to the Brindle Room. I went about a year ago, had the pork chop, which was good; my son had the burger. I remember it being good, but I wasn't blown away by it (I think because it had caramelized onions on it, which, on burgers, I'm not a fan of). I'll definitely revisit.

              2. coasts Jun 1, 2011 06:28 PM

                good to know. looks like they have one near NYU and another soon to open in Park Slope. always looking for a good, new burger.

                535 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012

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