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Jun 1, 2011 05:10 PM


Hi All- I will be in Xiamen for work in a couple of weeks...does anyone here know anything about things to eat there? I couldn't find a single post with any information at all!!!

I will be there by myself over a to trying new things, but don't speak Chinese. Anyone have anything to say on the subject?



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  1. Hi, I've never been to Xiamen but would be pretty excited about going to eat there. The first thing I would seek out would be a da pai dang, an outdoor casual restaurant specializing in seafood.I would also make a point of trying to sample some of the Hakka food there. You can take advantage of colleagues' offers to take you out on the town, or ask the concierge at your hotel. As for the language barrier when you venture out yourself, if you plan in advance you should be able to get someone to write down a restaurant name and address and a couple of good dishes in Chinese. You could also scout out a higher end hotel buffet that would includes good specimens of local dishes. HTH

    1. Never been myself either, but food wise is probably the forefather to a lot of cooking styles and cuisines in Taiwan. Thus the subject interests me a good deal too.

      If you are able to hook up with a local, a coworker, perhaps you can check out these places - this is a vegetarian banquet restaurant and supposedly the oldest in town.

      Don't know if you will have the time, but apparently there is a bus from Xiamen that will take you directly to the Fujian Tulou Clusters, where you can get a taste of nearby village cuisine

      A few Chinese blog searches returns two places that specialize in something unique and local (and also has been around for a while


      黃澤和 and 1980燒肉粽. The first shop appears to sell a peanut soup, 2nd shop does zongzi (sticky rice with meat and other condiments inside) along with 8 treasures rice and sticky rice chicken (likely different than a dim sum Cantonese rendition).

      Now looking further for "must eats in Xiamen" in Chinese, there's a local street food item called 土筍凍 or 土笋凍 in simplified Chinese. I have no idea what the hell it is, and it looks rather funky, but appears to be quite popular.

      Perhaps ask your hotel where you can find a decent rendition of 海蠣煎 which is the Xiamen/Fujianese version of the oyster omlette/pancake, that is different in preparation from the Taiwanese one. You can enter the Chinese name in google image search to get an idea. I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of basil in it.

      Dianping, which is like a pseudo version of Yelp for China, one user recommends a few other places

      The first result is:

      they specialize in sacha noodles (like a spicy sesame/peanut like sauce), fishballs, squidballs etc.

      Good luck and have fun with the food!

      1. i was in Xiamen only a couple of days on my way to Hakka heartland. do check out the market [sorry all i remember is it's around the corner from my hotel, facing the water] and eat something there. i had a good and cheap meal at the market with fish and shellfish. the butchered turtles were horrific and gut wrenching to see everywhere at this market. don't forget to try popiah. i particularly like the fishball soup in Xiamen.

        1. Take the ferry to Gulangyu, where you'll find lots of seafood restaurants. Fish in tanks--point and eat.

          1. Thanks for all the recommendations! I am doubly handicapped since (1) I don't eat seafood, and (2) I will be without Chinese colleagues. But, the comment from KK about Taiwanese food is a good one -- I have spent time in Taipei and know the food there, so hopefully that will help me identify some things! Keep the thoughts coming, and I'll post what I find once I get back.