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Jun 1, 2011 05:06 PM

Hamburger Relish Survey

What is your favorite hamburger relish and where can I find it in stores in Arizona. Years ago I used to eat Heinz Hamburger relish and Knotts Berry Farm (steak relish) but neither are made anymore. Now, Del Monte licenses a small company to make some under the Del Monte label, B&G Foods out of New York makes hamburger relish and I've seen it on Amazon. I think Hains might even make hamburger relish but I have not seen it. Has anybody compared any of those brands to each other? What is/was your favorite hamburger relish and what brand do you use know? I did see the Del Monte brand online through but by the time they add a very high shipping/handling charge a $2 someting jar becomes over $7 something jar. Does any know a reasonable mail order company I can get hamburger relish from. I'm think about the B&G brand from Amazon but I've never tried it before, how did you like B&G hamburger relish.

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    1. re: ferret

      Agreed. I go out of my way to find this brand.

    2. Always found most to be pretty interchangeable, but l get mine at Costco. Container is a gallon and costs $4 and change, lasts forever.

      1. DelMonte Hamburger Relish from my local market is 3 and change but there are more expensive brands. You might want to call around your area, it shouldn't be that hard to find--we are talking the pickle relish with red peppers right?

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        1. re: escondido123

          Yes the hamburger relish I'm trying to find is red in color. It could also be known as sweet pepper relish. It is pretty much like the green sweet relish but it has sweet red peppers in it. I found a jar of Wickles sub and hoagie relish that is red in color but they seem to use a hot red pepper. Escondido 123, are you in SoCal? I was in San Bernardino a couple weeks ago and stopped in Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons and none of them had it. Here in Arizona, I called all the major supermarkets and none of them had it either.

        2. My very favorite hamburger relish is corn relish. I just love that stuff. I used to be able to find both B&G and Stonewall brands here in NYC, but haven't been seen either in the past few years. So now, toward the end of summer when Jersey corn is at its abundant best, I make up a few jars using a recipe in "Fancy Pantry" by Helen Witty.

          The B&G corn relish used to be good, but I'm not familiar with their other products. If you're not averse to canning, there are some excellent recipes for many different kinds of relishes available and you can tweak them to cater to your own preferences. Not what your were asking, I know. But sometimes it's the only solution to the they don't make it any more problem.