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Jun 1, 2011 05:02 PM

Zebu Forno in Freehold closed

Just drove by on my way home, and the place was dark & forlorn with FOR RENT signs in the window. Hadn't seen anyone else mention it so must've just happened, and their website still lists a Freehold store. There was a sign taped to the entrance door which I couldn't read fully while going past it but it sure looked like a "This Location is Closed" sort of message. Also I could've sworn it had an "Under New Management" sign up not all that long ago..... Gotta wonder if anyone can make a go of that particular spot ? Thank goodness Ibby's is still down the street. :-)

Zebu Forno
2 E Main St, Freehold, NJ 07728

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  1. The Holmdel location closed even quicker than Freehold. RB is the only Zebu's left, yes?

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    1. re: HillJ

      There is one in Morristown that has been open , closed for several months and now reopened.

    2. Sign in the window indicates that A Little Bit of Cuba II is taking over from Zebu. They don't get much love on this board, but I wish them luck (awfully close to their other location IMO).

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        I thought Zebu was just a poor imitation of Panera Bread, so I am not surprsie that it closed. ALB of Cuba I am mixed about. They will basically have two location on the same road (Route 537).

        1. re: yCf

          Any reviews or experiences at A Little Bit of Cuba 2 in downtown Freehold since it opened ?

          The last few times I have driven by there, it has looked to be fairly busy & thriving.

          I hope they do well and break the curse on that particular corner location.