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Corrado's in Fairfield??

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A co-worker swears that Corrado's has taken over the space on Rt 46E where the red barn was (a farmer's market of sorts)...? NOTHING on Corrado's site, so I'm throwing it out to the Hounds...anyone seen/read/heard this?

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  1. It's true. I was there once a few weeks back. It is a VERY small store and their selection is extremely limited. They do have deli and seafood departments, but they are tiny. No bakery department yet. Supposedly the family has plans to greatly expand the store, so maybe one day it will rival the Wayne or Clifton stores. But we're a while away from that. It might be OK if you're in the area and need a few things, but it is not really suitable for larger shopping trips yet.

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      All good to know...thanks zhelder!

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        IT'S ON 480 RT 46 EAST ,FAIRFIELD,NJ PHONE NUMBER-973 808 0400

      1. Corrado's replaced Vince's Family Market. I work less than a mile from here and occasionally went to Vince's for breakfast sandwiches (which were actually the best I've ever had though others say they were too greasy) or for the salad bar. Generally speaking though, Vince's was below average for a deli/market. I went to Corrado's one afternoon for lunch and was extremely disappointed. I found the quality of the prepared foods to be low and with a fairly limited selection. The groceries seemed to be even more limited. I've heard amazing things about other Corrado's locations and this truly cannot compare. This place is actually worse than Vince's. I have not returned since.

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          Can't lie; I was turned off by the smell in there--and it's not that stuff was rotten--it's something that many of these indoor 'markets' have.

        2. The Wholesale Corrado's location in Clifton is great for pizza supplies. I get my bromated All Trumps pizza flour there, my trays, proofing pans and peels. I've had a few questions about things like protein content in flour and the employees were very nice.

          The retail location in Clifton- that's another story. I've been going there every once in a while for quite some time. It's where I've been getting chunks of Grande mozzerella. Two days ago I took the trip and they had no Grande, so I asked for it. They've been carrying Grande for years and no one in the cheese department or the surrounding departments had even heard of it. When the manager of the cheese department asked the store manager if the store carried it, he said 'no' and gave me a look like I just insulted his mother. Corrado's has been selling Grande for years- I sort of expect Walmart employees to have no clue what they sell, but these idiots make Walmart employees look like Princeton grads.

          Needless to say, I won't be shelling out the gas to go to Clifton. Will I take a trip to Fairfield? Before two days ago, I would have immediately jumped in the car. Now... I don't think so. It'll take some work, but I'll find my Grande mozz and my flour somewhere else.

          1. Yes they did, but given the ongoing decline in quality and steadily increasing prices (relative to prices charged by major supermarket chains) at Corrado's , I think it was a bad move. That's because their new location in Fairfield is not very far from the Route 46 Farmer's Market (behind the Sleepy's mattress store on Rt. 46 at Riverside drive in Totowa).

            The Route 46 Farmer's Market has Corrado's beat hands down in every possible way. The quality of their produce is far superior (fresher and lasts longer) compared to Corrado's produce (not terribly fresh and in many cases spoils quickly). And more notably, they have Corrado's beat on price as well (by my estimate, about 35% lower on average). The Route 46 Farmer's Market is actually one in a chain of nine stores in NJ, that are all pretty much the same in terms of quality and price. Their website is at http://www.njfarmersmarketgroup.com.

            I am not promoting Route 46 Farmer's Market and have no interest in or relationship to it, other than being a very satisfied customer that after shopping at Corrado's for a very long time (going back to when they were in a tiny shack on E. Railway Ave), have grown increasingly frustrated with their shameless habit of trying to peddle what amounts to garbage that belongs in a dumpster.