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Jun 1, 2011 03:41 PM

Any ideas for a fun double date resto (Not expensive)


I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a fun place to have dinner with great food and not too expensive. Ambiance is also important, but secondary to quality of food. To be more specific, I was thinking something like SteakFrites St. Paul (because its BYOW and about 25pp) that range in terms of $. I've already been this month so I wanted to try something new. I know places like Lemeac and Fino have the apres 22 for 22 but we wanted to dine earlier. We're open to any type of food, except for Asain, we go out a lot for that.

Your suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Have you looked into The Sparrow or Lawrence?

    1. How about...
      Buvette Chez Simone
      Napoletana for pizza (byow, I think)
      Le Boucan for BBQ
      Rumi grill
      Jane (on my to-try list still)
      Some of these might be a bit over what you wanted to spend

      Some of these may be a bit more than you wanted to spend, depending on how much you eat & drink.

      1. Pizza Napoleatana is a BYOB, good pizza but they also have salad and pasta dishes.

        Alep is fun to share food and within that price range. On top of that, teh stone walls make a cosy atmostphere. If you don't mind the wait try Petit Alep, they serve everything Alep serves plus sandwiches that cost less. The ambiance is fun but can be loud.

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          Thanks so much for all those reccos! We went out on Saturday night, but I will definitely keep those in mind for future dinners. We ended up walking on Duluth. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect as there are so many mixed reviews on this board (most not being favorable). We ate on the terrace at Le Jardin De Panos. I could see what people would call the area a bit of a tourist trap, but we all really enjoyed our meals. My boyfriend loved his filet mignon (wrapped in bacon) and I enjoyed the chicken brochette.
          Thanks again for the suggestions!

          Le Jardin De Panos
          521 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2L1A8, CA

          1. re: forkcape

            On Duluth i'd add Au Coin Berbere, a morrocain BYOB

            I went about 3 times, it's very good and it's fun to share the couscous.

            Au Coin Berbere
            73 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2W1G9, CA