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Jun 1, 2011 03:02 PM

Late night St. Pete?

I live in St. Pete, but normally go out to dinner at 7 or 8 pm. My husband and I are taking a class that runs from 7-930 once a week, and we have no idea what to do for food afterwards. Pizza gets old quickly! The class is near 4th and Gandy, and we live in the Old NE near downtown. I avoid chain restaurants like the plague and don't eat fast food. Any suggestions? Also, I am currently pregnant so I can't drink, and sitting in/at a bar makes me absolutely miserable when I can't participate. Thank you for any suggestions - we don't even know who stays open past 10 (and feel uncomfortable walking into a restaurant 5 minutes before close, when the staff has already put half the chairs on top of the tables - makes for pretty crappy service). Any cuisine is fine, we're both very open diners.

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  1. My reply was going to be 3 Birds Tavern because they serve full menu late and are open till 3:00 . But it is a pub, they do have tables inside and out. It is in your hood so give it a shot. The Lamb burger was excellent.

    1. Try Hiro's Japanese on 4th st @ 54th ave. They serve sushi and Japanese food and are open late.

      1. Check out Five Bucks Drinkery downtown.

        1. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the Taco Bus II on Central is open 24 hours a day. Excellent food!

          1. Thanks all. We tried to hit Taco Bus one week, but didn't realize that they close at 9 on Wednesdays (the night of the class) so I still haven't tried it. We wound up doing Gigi's one week and the Queenshead another, and I think I've cooked the rest of the nights. I haven't been in the mood for sushi, but Hiro's is on the radar if I am one week. I would love to try the other two, but they're both establishments in which I'm accustomed to drinking fairly heavily and they'll just make me miserable... :( Thanks for the suggestions, we'll remember them!