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Jun 1, 2011 02:21 PM

what is yr is the best frosting to put on Hersheys Black Magic Cake?

I want to put chocolate frosting on it but have never made it before and don't want the frosting to overpower the cake. I made a sourcream chocolate frosting last weekend and that is delicious, not too sweet at all.

I also love the Billowy Chocolate frosting from CI but not sure if it will suit this cake??

Others say that a cream cheese frosting is good. Does that mean a vanilla cream cheese one or a cream cheese frosting flavoured with chocolate?

Would prefer either chocolate or vanilla or whipped cream, I'm not a fan of whacky icing flavours like peanut butter or mint or anything.


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    1. It already has buttermilk in it. I think a cream cheese frosting or sour cream frosting would be a little much. I think a milk chocolate frosting to contrast with the dark cake would be good or even a white swiss meringue or a white boiled frosting would be very eye catching. I would probably go with a milk chocolate whipped cream frosting.

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        The cake isn't tangy or sour from the buttermilk; the buttermilk just makes it tender, so cream cheese, sour cream, or creme fraiche frosting doesn't echo the flavor of the cake per se. I think if you want a chocolate frosting, the tanginess of onw with sour cream or creme fraiche would be great with the Black Magic cake. Whipped cream is a great icing for this cake, or if you want a vanilla frosting that will hold up better than whipped cream, a cooked flour frosting, like this:

      2. I like milk chocolate or malted milk chocolate frosting with this cake.

        My Mr. prefers a broiled topping of butter, brown sugar, and nuts/coconut.

        To me, "cream cheese frosting" is the white kind.

        If you have access to CI, they have a nice malted milk frosting.
        Ina Garten's chocolate buttercream is good-- I think shes uses it on her "Beatty's Cake" -- which is almost identical to the Black Magic cake from Hersheys.

        1. It's a chocolatey cake. I've done a lot of different ones (the sour cream fudge, Rose Levy Berenbaum's milk chocolate buttercream, regular choc buttercream, mint buttercream/chocolate ganache, etc.) and they've all been good but my go to is whipped cream. It's a nice airy lightness to a heavy chocolate cake. It was really pretty w/ mint buttercream and chocolate ganache frosting. You get the darkness of the cake, contrasted with a shiny ganache separated by the white frosting.

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          1. re: chowser

            +1 on the whipped cream. The star of the show is the cake; the lightness of the whipped cream is the perfect complement and doesn't take away from this great cake. At all.

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              That RLB milk choc buttercream is great but crikey, it's just chocolate with butter added! I don't obsess about calories but that takes me aback, I have to say.
              A whipped ganache holds up well and is somewhat less caloric than a buttercream.

              1. re: buttertart

                That's a good point, though I never thought about the calories since it's cake and I don't have much of it, or have it often. It has a nice melt in your mouth quality about it that I like but you can't beat chocolate ganache either.

            2. I personally believe that there is no such thing as too much chocolate and would opt for a chocolate frosting, but the Offspring likes the contrast of a dark cake and a white icing. When she made this last week she used a cooked flour frosting with double the vanilla to get a distinct vanilla flavor. I still would rather have used chocolate, but the cake was very well received, the frosting is easy to make, and it looked great.