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Ordering pizza for a large group

I'm having to order pizza for approximately 175 people. I have been told where to order the pizza from. I have talked to the restaurant and we have determined the need for 55 pies.

I'm asking for help in the appropriate variety. The menu offers:






We're not doing combo because of the cost. The restaurant does not offer ham or canadian bacon.

The owner of the restaurant suggested 18 cheese, 6 veggie, 6 mushroom, 10 sausage and 15 pepperoni. I think this is too many cheese, not enough veggie and does anyone eat mushroom pizza?

What ratio of different types of pizza should I order?

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  1. I'd do:

    25 Pepperoni
    10 Sausage
    10 Cheese
    5 Mushroom
    5 Veggie

    Almost everyone likes pepperoni pizza, and the vegetarians can eat the cheese or mushroom pizza as easily as the veggie pies.

    1. I like mushrooms on pizza, but they're not a favorite (at least, unless they're porcinis, which they will not be). I do agree that 18 cheese is a bit much, and I'd follow Tute's suggestion, except maybe 20 pepperoni and 10 veggie, instead (unless your group is kids).

      1. The cheese and mushroom are the only pizzas which will not leave you with garlic or onion breath. Depending on the socialization aspect of the event being catered, those are 'safe' and would be more likely chosen by people who are networking and/or meeting new people. The ratio is correct.

        1. i'm not big fan of pepperoni pizza, nor veggie pizza. i'd much rather have mushroom than either of those. my preference overall, if the pizza is good, is cheese.

          1. 55 for 175? I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of leftovers.

            There's only one good way to go about the ratios: Have to go there and take a bite of each variety. Let the quality of the ingredients determine how many of what you get. Hey, at the very least you can take some pizza-lovers with you and make 'em very happy.

            Another thought is to go with a low pepperoni count. I'm thinking the pizzas will be cold and, depending on how it's all balanced, you may end up looking at very greasy slices. So, again, best to go and try them out.

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              "55 for 175? I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of leftovers."

              Sorta depends on the pizza. We have a local place we order from regularly and get 6 pizzas (they only have one size) for about 12 people - rarely any leftovers.

            2. It really depends on the group and the area.

              Around here when I buy pizza for larger groups, the cheese and vegie pizzas are the ones most likely to be left over. Typically I'm buying for a younger crowd, and I'm in the South.

              Has someone done the pizza buying and run before? Since you were told the number to buy and where to get them, I was guessing perhaps that this has been done before. If you can find the person who handled it, he/she should be able to give you a good idea.

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              1. re: CyndiA

                Yeah, the restaurant owner remembers what was last ordered time. But he wouldn't know what was left over from left time. I'm mostly doubting the 18 cheese pizzas and only 6 veggie. But, I'm finding from here that orders are primarly personal taste. Maybe more people like cheese or mushroom pizza than I can imagine.

                Me, I like veggie.

                1. re: Denise1

                  The 18 cheese pizza sounds high to me as well, but I guess there's nothing to really "not like" with cheese. I wouldn't buy a plain cheese pizza for home, but I'd eat a slice at a gathering. In this area, I would cut back on the cheese, but meat is very popular. Pepperoni is the most likely type to run out of, although it varies a little once in a while. You're not getting combos, but ham and pineapple is more popular here than I would have guessed. That's probably because I don't like pineapple on pizza though do like pineapple not on a pizza.

                  1. re: Denise1

                    If I am at home, sitting around with family and friends, I'll eat onions and garlic and green peppers, sausage and greasy pepperoni. I will burp and belch and laugh out loud. I can get up and brush my teeth after eating and am not self conscious around those people.

                    If I am at a place where I am meeting potential clients, potential employers or other professionals/possible co-workers, I do not want them to remember me for reasons other than my credentials.

                    If that were the situation, plain cheese and mushroom only are absolutely the only ones I would select.

                    1. re: Denise1

                      "But, I'm finding from here that orders are primarly personal taste."

                      that was my point.

                      here in NYC, where the pizza is very good, people do not often pile them on with too many, if any, toppings.

                      1. re: Denise1

                        I would not get 18 cheese pizzas unless you are serving a lot of young children. And I would definitely not get 55 pizzas for that number of people. You will have lots of leftovers and most of them will be cheese.

                        I'd do 8 cheese at the most and no more than 50 pizzas total.

                    2. In the tradition of CYA, I'd go with what the owner suggested. That way if anyone complains you can say you went with the opinion of an expert.

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                        I'm thinking with you after reading this. Put the blame on someone else. 18 cheese pizzas seems like a lot, but there's not a lot to NOT like.

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                          On the other hand, if Denise has clean up and leftovers, then perhaps she should up the Veggie pizzas, since that's her favorite. Just a thought (-: After all, the meat eaters could probably eat a veggie slice. I eat meat, but I have no problems with the veggie pizzas.

                          I'd hesitate to go with a lower number without knowing that there were leftovers prior. I buy typically for younger people, and I'd guess that the females go 2 slices and males 4 slices with some variation. I bump to about 3 slices each to be sure I have enough.

                        2. Plain mushroom by itself? Ick! I'd skip the mushroom and get 12 veggie.

                          1. I think the owner is spot on. Just remember, someone that doesn't like mushrooms, sausage, etc, won't touch the pizzas that have those on them. I don't know anyone that prefers pepperoni but won't touch plain pizza. To my big surpise, I've found to figure on 2 slices per person when ordering for a large group. My friend had a big b day party for his kid and we figured 4 slices per person, was WAY too much!

                            1. How many slices is a pizza? Won't that give you the answer if you know how many people you can serve with one pie....4 slices=2 people, 8 slices=4 people. Isn't that what's missing from the equation?

                              1. No white pizzas? Cheap and a tasty alternative to regular plain pizza. With pizza for 175, I can't imagine this is a sensitive business situation to avoid yummy garlic breath.