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Jun 1, 2011 01:49 PM

DEHP/carcinogen in Taiwanese bubble teas, fruit juices, syrups etc

Well, it's all over the news (finally, including Western press). I called Coco's to ask if they import their ingredients directly from Taiwan, and they said yes, but have 'no idea' what I'm talking about. I'd stay away for now, from several other places in town that serve shaved ice/bubble drinks etc, as well.

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  1. A quick web search tells me something about a London, UK bubble tea not having DEHP in their products, but that's all I see out there. Well, and your alarmist comments. So I would disagree that it's "all over the news". Not that it concerns me anyway.

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      Do you use Google?

      For those whom it does concern:


      The USFDA had published a list on 5/31 on their site, which was pulled as they are 'doing further testing for an official recall announcement' (I was told on the phone). I have packages of tapioca and bottles of juice and syrup, and jelly candies in the fridge from MT and other places I'm waiting to see if I have to dump in the garbage.

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        anyone know what places use ingredients that do or do not have DEHP?