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Jun 1, 2011 01:35 PM

Hound from CT. needs recs. for Beach Haven

Will be there for the July 4th weekend, Looking for your not to miss restaurants suggestions,and places that have nicer bars ( a view would be great). Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Chicken or the Egg (http://tinyurl.com/3k7wlut) for breakfast gets great reviews.

    Chicken or the Egg'
    207 N Bay Ave, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

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      the chicken or the egg at any time of the day is great down home cooking food. Fried chicken, wings, breakfast - you name it. No bar though.

      The Ketch is a nice outside bar on the water- but you have to be there on the early side if you want a more relaxed atmosphere. Later at night, like much of the Beach Haven area- it gets crazy with live bands and lots of people.

    2. The Black Whale (blackwhalebar.com) is the best seafood in Beach Haven, but it is always PACKED, so expect to wait. I was there last weekend at 6pm and we had a reservation (large party) and the wait for walk-ins was over an hour, with people still putting names in. On 4th of July weekend....expect a crazed throng. It has a decent, if a bit cramped, bar. The place is small, and hence pretty loud, but the servers are good in my experience. They have fantastic crab cakes, scallops, fish specials, lobster, etc etc and the creamy garlic salad dressing is amazing.

      My second favorite is Howard's for the french fried lobster, but that's a bit farther up the island, and is just a nice sit-down place, no bar. ETA: it's not showing up at the right place on the map - it isn't THAT far north. 33rd and the Boulevard in north beach haven

      nd of course the Chicken or the Egg wings are a must. I get them 'Naked' which has an amazing thin, crispy fried crust instead of the huge breaded kind.

      The Tiki Bar at the Sea Shell is a fun place for drinks right on the beach - pretty classic beach bar with live music. Haven't tried the food yet.

      OH, I almost forgot. The ice cream. You must go to Do me a Flavor for your ice cream. There is absolutely no question. They have a local brand (Arctic) and it is fantastic. I recommend the vanilla fudge. They also have this brand in the local grocery store, for when you want to fill your freezer with it.

      Barry's DO Me A Flavor
      309 Centre St, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

      Howard's Seafood Restaurant
      33rd Long Beach Boulevard, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

      Black Whale Bar & Fish House
      100 N Pennsylvania Ave, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

      Chicken or the Egg'
      207 N Bay Ave, Beach Haven, NJ 08008