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ONE restaurant in Hazelton hotel any good?

I tried to do a Chowhound search but didn't find anything on this one.

Anyone been to the ONE restaurant on 116 Yorkville ave (in the Hazelton Hotel) lately?

It's a business meeting group dinner that we're invited to, just wondering if it's worthwhile to commit a few hours to go.

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  1. Great patio to see and be seen. Drinks are good but pass on the food.

    1. if someone else is picking up the tab-go
      since it is a business meeting-go-get ahead in business.....

      1. Does anyone have any new insight into this? the last reviews are a few months old and I'm looking for Yorkdale restos for a group of 14 execs.

        thanks in advance,

        Yorkdale Cafe
        1 Yorkdale, Toronto, ON M9M1B9, CA

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          A friend went there for a birthday dinner last week and she said she was not impressed by the food (i.e. value for money and quality of the food itself). Hopefully you will receive some other recommendations for spots in Yorkville for a business meeting or someone else has some feedback for you. Personally I have no desire to go there based on reviews I have read in the past.

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            The restaurant is targeted to your exact scenario, it's a place for expense accounts. High end steak and potatoes, McEwan knows his clientele.

            If you want more innovative food in the same price bracket & area, check out C5.

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              Depends on what your execs are like. The private room at One is very show-offy and the crowd is certainly a see and be seen group. I would never dine there on my own tab (food is heavy, greasy and salty and altogether imbalanced) but your average exec might not notice.

              C5 is a great recommendation though it's a more reserved environment. The food is also more haute and sophisticated though I've often found portions to be on the small side. However they cater well for large groups (I was there once as part of a group of 20).

              In similar category to One is La Societe. The food is marginally better (if the kitchen is not overworked and if you order correctly) but the scene is also boisterous and showy.

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                the food at la societe isn't better and the service is worse....stay away from both unless its for patio drinks (summer).

                as for the original poster- can you tell us what kind of vibe you are going for? execs can want to let their hair down and have something a little more fun and much less stuffy....c5 isn't the answer though

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                  I also found the portions at C5 to be on the small side. While the C5 menu descriptions sound great on paper, I have found the food is usually ok but often underwhelming. I've been there for 1 group lunch, 1 group dinner and 1 brunch. It has been a while since my last group dinner, so it's quite possible that the food has improved, and it's quite possible that I was there on an off night. Nice pastry basket at brunch-time. I really like the space, especially during the day.

                  I've had some decent group dinners at the Studio Cafe. Would also consider Il Posto and Pangaea, as others have suggested. Possibly also would consider Annona (have never been, so not sure about the food, but haven't heard anything bad, either) and Mistura (if Mistura is close enough), although Mistura can be a little loud.

                  Opus has a nice private room, that can fit 14 execs at one long table. Actually, the best group dinner I've attended in the Yorkville area was at Opus in that private dining room.

                  265 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R1J9, CA

                  37 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1B2, CA

                  1221 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5R 3P5, CA

                  Studio Cafe
                  21 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2G1, CA

                  Il Posto
                  148 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1C2, CA

                  Annona At The Park Hyatt Toronto
                  4 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2E8, CA

                2. re: Armack

                  I'm guessing you mean Yorkville and not Yorkdale...the other posters are right, this place is targeted at the high end luxe crowd but I don't know anyone giving wow reviews on the food (assuming that's an important factor). Are you looking for an expense account vibe?. Lunch or dinner? Private room? Do you want to be right in Yorkville or is anywhere within a 10 minute walk/cab ride acceptable?

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                    Thank you for all your comments and yes, peppermint pate, I did indeed mean YorkVILLE (silly me!). As it turns out, the boss loves the atmosphere at ONE so he made the decision for me.

                    But - and it's off topic so I'll keep it brief - when I called C5 I was told that Thursday November 5th will be their last dinner service. They'll be doing extended lunch hours and private functions though.

                    I will be tucking your Yorkville recos away for future reference. thanks again!

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                      If you happen to be eating with the boss, stick to the steak options. They tend to be the best places such as One.

                  2. Consider Pangaea as an alternative and they have private rooms.

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                      I recall Il Posto being quite good. Pangaea could work as well.

                      Il Posto
                      148 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1C2, CA

                    2. I'm clearly in the minority! I like One. We live about 100 yards away and go there often for brunch and dinner. I definitely agree it's an expense account kind of place.

                      The food is hit and miss, and does tend towards the oily, but the stuff that's good is quite good. The butter braised lobster spoons are great. My husband likes the burger a lot. Fish specials at dinner have been great. The steaks are hit and miss. The fries are greasy and limp.

                      The wine list is great - they've got a great selection of lesser known wines, and the ones we pick because they're new to us have been excellent.

                      The service is also hit or miss - there's an evil woman who mans the outdoor seating early on Sundays for brunch I wish they'd replace (we just go elsewhere when we see her). You will at some point wait 45 minutes for bread, water, the cheque, etc, and will end up flagging down any random person to get what you're looking for. Our last meal there both the ketchup and bread arrived after we had finished (as in plates cleared) brunch.

                      The drinks are also not very strong (I'm a small woman and can have 5 with no problem), but they're not as expensive as you'd think given the location/style.

                      I'm realizing it's totally unclear from this review why I like it (and objectively we probably shouldn't, but we do). The servers are generally nice, we really like the patio, we like the atmosphere inside and we like a lot of the food. Apologies for this not being the most helpful review :)