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Jun 1, 2011 12:42 PM

ISO meyer lemons in YYC

Does anyone know if this exists in Calgary? I'm thinking about making some Limoncello and have heard many great things about these lemons. So, anyone? My quick google search led me nowhere, So I turn to CH'ers because you guys always know your food stuff.

A quick call to Mercato also yielded no results...

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  1. I have seen preserved Meyer Lemons at Cookbooks Co.
    I *think* I saw fresh ones at Mercato in Mission once but I'm not 100% sure.

    1. I saw them last year the the Calgary Farmer's Market - the produce place that was along the west side - sold produce/fruit and organic meat - just can't think of their name so I am not sure if they moved to the new location or not. Hope that helps! (Why not post on twitter under both markets hashtags - maybe they will check it out for you!)

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        I think you're talking about Blush Lane/Sunworks... I did see some there last year - unfortunately I've moved to Edmonton and haven't visited Blush Lane Markets in the past few weeks. Not sure if they still carry meyer lemons. You could call them

      2. I have restrained myself from getting on the the twitter stream, but now it appears that I may just have to do so. Thanks for the suggestions. Hopefully I can get my hands on some soon.

        1. I picked up fresh Meyer lemons at CFM two weekends ago. They were classified as "small lemons" for 50 cents each at the General Store. I was under the impression they didn't appreciate the difference between the varieties :)

          1. There were some at the Signal Hill Sunterra this past Sunday but they were something like $6.99/lbs.