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Trader Joe's Lemon curd in a jar

I bought it over the weekend and wondering what to make with it,

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  1. Makes a good filling for layer cakes, cup cakes, macarons, lemon bars.

    1. The easiest dessert humanly possible: Lemon curd mousse in chocolate shells.

      Buy chocolate dessert shells. (These are not cake shells like shortcake shells, but actual chocolate shells. I always buy dark chocolate but milk and white are available, too.) These can be made by painting the inside of a cupcake paper with layers of chocolate, but that puts this dessert out of the easiest category.

      Whip some heavy cream flavored with sugar and vanilla.

      Put lemon curd into a bowl. Put whipped cream on top of lemon curd and gently fold the cream into the curd. If you do not know how to fold, watch a video before trying this. Technique is everything in folding if you don't want to deflate the whipped cream.

      Put curd-cream mixture into the chocolate shells. Garnish with strawberries or raspberries.

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        Sounds delicious!!..where can I buy those chocolate shells...i don't think i've ever seen them...or maybe i never paid attention.

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          This lemon curd mousse would also be delicious on yellow cake, served with or without fruit.

        2. Whatever your view on Rachael Ray, check out her recipe for lemon chicken. I've made it dozens of times.


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            it looks like it's a bad link..=(

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              Here's a working link (there was a period at the end of the one posted above, which made it not work): http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ra...

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                Thanks, i will give it a try...easy enough.

              1. Not really "making," but instead assembling - great atop Greek yogurt w/fresh berries. Or make a parfait of the above and add crushed ginger snaps . . . .


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                  I love mine with plain yogurt as well. It's like a dessert.

                2. Use instead of jam on toast in the morning.

                  I second the thumbprint cookie idea.

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                    One of my faves is gingerbread (which I've bought store bought) drizzled with warm lemon curd. More of a winter dessert but always delicious. I think it would also be great on an apple spice cake as well, or drizzled over a pan of blueberry muffins.

                  2. Crepes with lemon curd and maybe a sprinkle of sugar. So yummy! Ooo, I bet pancakes are great too. Or just eat it straight out of the jar...

                    1. .....Ina Garten's fruit salad with limoncello......

                      Watched her make this the other day on the foodnetwork and looked really good. Was just about

                      to order some lemon curd from Williams Sonoma so I could make this too.

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                        Sounds yummy! Will give this a try too..sounds like a nice summer dessert.

                      2. I made these little lemon tartlets with homemade lemon curd a few weeks ago. Delicious! I just used a mini muffin tin and a flower-shaped cookie cutter. The dough was sugar cookie dough, but I think next time I'd do a pie dough.

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                            Cute idea! I'm going to steal this one.

                            1. I made a lemon layer cake last weekend -- vanilla cake with lots of lemon zest, with lemon curd between the layers and also folded into the cooked flour frosting. So yummy.

                              1. I've made the Ina Garten's recipe several times and it's wonderful. I have also added granola to the fruit salad for a little crunch.

                                1. A bakery in my home town used to sell something called a Marguerite - a white cupcake with the top cut off, set aside, a hollow made in the cake, that filled with lemon curd, the top put back on and the whole thing heavily dusted with icing (powdered) sugar. They were lovely and I'd like one right now, please.

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                                    That sounds really good... I'm gonna have to try that as soon as I can get to a TJ's to get a jar of that lemon curd.