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Pizza Na Roma on Locke Street, Hamilton is the best Pizza that I have ever tasted in Canada. I've had hundreds and hundreds of types of pizza in North America and Europe.

This place is a MUST if you live in Hamilton. There are pictures and other info on their Facebook page. I'm not sure if they have a website yet.

This is a Roman style pizza-by-the-slice place. They use a 72-hour dough process and the owner was trained in Italy on the art of making this style of pizza.

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  1. Are you referring to Roma Bakery on Barton E? I just moved to Hamilton and we're trying it this weekend, can't wait!


    1. Oh man, I missed this place as I was actually in the Hammer the other day on Locke St too.
      Ended up going to Bread Bar for a fantastic pizza. I would actually put Bread Bar in the Top-10 pizzas in the GTA that I've tried, but will have to try this place the next time I'm down in Hamilton.

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        Nope, not Roma bakery (which is amazing too btw) but Na Roma, on Locke Street. It just opened on Sunday. My room mate bought 4 huge boxes of slices last night and i'm eating one for lunch right now!

        I've heard really good things about Bread Bar too... i'm looking forward to trying it.

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          Can you please provide a link to their facebook or post here what to look for. I couldn't find it after googling or searching facebook.

          If I understand correctly Roman pizza is more a thicker crust/square pizza? Bread Bar is a different style right? More a thin trust pizza?

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            The facebook name is NaRoma Pizza Bar

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              Bread Bar is a thin crust pizza, usually quite crisp on the bottom with artisanal toppings.

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                Bread Bar's philosophy is to use fresh, local, high quality ingredients and let that do the talking.

                efinitely not as thin as Libretto or QMP. More like Stoney's Bread Company in Oakville

                I asked for well done so it came out very crispy and was fairly thin. We ordered the Potato Bianca and the Wild Mushroom - should have ordered the Margherita as that's usually the best judge of a pizzamaker's prowess.

                Here's the link for Bread Bar




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                Thanks, cupidom, I will have to visit Locke St. again soon for a pizza tasting. Na Roma wasnt' there last time I was on the street at Chuck's Burger Bar.

                Chuck's Burger Bar
                194 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON , CA

            2. Finally found thier Facebook page, has me drooling already. Will be going on Tuesday PM and will report back.

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                What's the verdict? The pics from their facebook page look delicious. I couldn't find a menu for them, but, I did find their website. Looks like it is under construction as there is next to nothing on the page.


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                  It was fantastic! They serve a great selection of slices and also make whole pizzas in three different sizes. We were in a hurry, so we opted for slices as whole pizzas are 20-25 minute wait. They are rectangular Roman style pizzas with a relatively thin crust that is extremely tasty due to 72-hour fermentation time. Crust is perfect and slightly chewy. We shared 4 slices between the two of us: Margherita, sausage, Hawaiian and proscuitto with brie. They all had superb toppings and I have to single out the Hawaiian in particular for it's fresh pineapple and quality ham. Also, the proscuitto and brie slice was fantastic with fig jam, balsamic and arugula to complement it. The slices are a good size, we only managed to finish 3 of them. Our meal with 4 slices, 2 pops and tip was $25. Very reasonable for this quality of food. We grabbed a menu and will probably call ahead and order a full pizza next time. BTW, the really great thing about these slices is that they reheat well due to the great dough and toppings. Definitely the best pizza I've had in a long time, and I've tried all the good ones in the GTA and Hamilton. Very congenial owner and staff, too.

                  1. re: bogie

                    Thanks for the review! Sounds great.

              2. A friend recently went and brought me back a copy of the menu. She really enjoyed it. I was going to scan the menu but a copy of it is now up on the website (website previously posted here but there was no menu at the time)


                You can download a PDF of the menu there.

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                  OMG i have to go to bread bar, Dark & Stormy drinks..amazing sounding pizza & omg the starters. I must go.. and Naroma website has some errors so cannot view yet.
                  Who knew.. hammertown and gourmet food..

                2. Since inquiring about this place back in June, I've eaten at least a dozen pizzas from NaRoma. EVERY SINGLE ONE has been cooked to perfection. Their consistency to this point has been absolutely insane. Quality, fresh ingredients. They pay attention to detail. Without question the best pizza I've had in Hamilton.

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                    @JErix "Without question the best pizza I've had in Hamilton".

                    I would go so far to say it's the best pizza I've had in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe combined.

                    I've been driving between Oakville & Hamilton about one a month to get pizza at NaRoma since last summer. Whenever I feel like pizza this is the place I have to go. It's worth the mileage and gas. Every pizza is consistently well baked with a nice cornmeal crunch to the crust--we always get the Carne with roasted garlic and caramelized onions.

                    The prices are excellent the coppia (small) is enough for 2-3 people for under $20.00. They have an ideal location for drivers and walkers by so hopefully they will be around for good while.

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                      I have a sickening obsession with Na Roma. To make the experience top notch, order a fresh coppia (takes about 20 mins) and ask for the truffle oil and hot chili paste.

                      The soup selection has consistantly been amazing too. I had a ten-bean soup on Sunday and it was deadly.

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                        2 of the last 3 times I've ordered from NaRoma the pizza has been sub-par. I usually get the Arugula and rather than cherry tomatoes, I have received diced tomatoes thrown in with some cherries. Even some of the cherry tomatoes had an off-putting taste.

                        I wonder if anyone else has experienced this decline. I'm not sure if it's just an off day, or , maybe they ran out of cherry tomatoes, or he picked some bad ones at the Market, etc.

                        I'm hoping it's just a glitch and there isn't something else going on. Since I found their pizza, I haven't been able to think about ordering from another pizza place. Maybe I just got spoiled from the first 20 or so orders that were absolute perfection.

                        1. re: JErix

                          I do find consistancy an issue... when Mario makes your pizza, you know it's from Mario. While the pizza is always "good", it seems subpar when Mario doesn't make it.

                          I do know that Mario is working on conveying the importance of making the pizza with love (for lack of a better expression) to all of the chefs.