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Jun 1, 2011 11:21 AM


I recall seing a blurb in the Washington Post about this - held on 6/3 , 11am-9pm at the Bullpen at 1299 Half Street.

Anyone attending and willing to report back?

And if you see something similar in B'more, please post as well.

Thank you!

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  1. It's going to be a monthly deal, from what I gather....

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      Oh, yeah - and BEER! (Since you never rarely get to eat Food Truck eats with an alcoholic beverage....)

    2. I'm trying really hard to attend tomorrow, though I have a friend coming into town so I'm not sure I'm going to make it. Will report back if I do!

      1. FYI, They just announced the date of the next one - July 15th

        1. Went to Truckeroo, and it was as expected. Super long lines, and lots of things were running out occasionally. Beer was pricey. However, with a good group of friends and great weather, I was willing to call it a decent tradeoff. If you're in a neighborhood where the food trucks never go, then I'd say it's worth a trip with friends to divide and conquer.

          Tried the BBQ truck. Not sure if it was just the sheer volume that made the quality suffer, but I felt they could be a bit more tender and a lot more warm. The sauces were good though.

          Eat Wonky was as good as ever; I went with veggie friends and their veggie gravy is almost as good as the regular.

          Dangerously Delicious pies was pretty great! I had a coconut chess pie that was a toothache wedge of tastiness. Friend had a Baltimore Bomb that was pretty amazing.

          Pleasant Pops was okay. They only had the green tea flavor by the time we got to it, and a bunch of matcha had settled to the top of the pop, so it was gritty at first, but at least I knew what it was made out of? The rest of the bar was creamy and light. I was worried it would be watery, but it wasn't at all.

          The Big Cheese grilled cheese we shared was nice, nothing remarkable. The quality of the cheese was decent, and the sandwich was hot and gooey, but waiting a half hour for a grilled cheese... not sure about that.

          Music was not so great. People seemed to "Dress to casually impress." The Stella I had was $6 and I can't remember how much water was... I think $3.

          Take-home message: If you have the patience for outdoor fairs, this is a pretty fun way to try the food trucks with friends. If you don't, avoid it and just chase them down on Twitter. Although, it could potentially calm down in subsequent months?

          The Big Cheese
          47 Randall St, Annapolis, MD 21401