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Jun 1, 2011 11:06 AM

Paletas in Boston Area?

I knew not of these Paletas until ChrisVR mentioned them on another thread. Itaunas, Chris, et al, who has the best assortment around, do you know? I read about cucumber lime ones; sound wonderful! I'm a big fan of TrJ's Tropical bars.thnx much.

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  1. I"m sad to say I am a paleta novice, just have read about them (mostly here on Chowhound.) I don't know of any place with them locally.

    1. opinionatedchef you can buy an assortment of bolis in fruit flavors at some supermarkets, Price Rite comes to mind. They are going to be pretty normal fruit flavors and made in a factory. Most people just make paletas at home, they sell the molds at Wallmart (at least in Lynn) and I have seen them in the past at the Chelsea Demoula's. Paleta in portuguese is just the stick, picolé is the pop, and in Brazil there are places with hundreds of flavors of picoles as well as normal beachside vendors. Its actually more common in Brazil to make homemade "chup chup" which are similar to the boli, but have both fruit flavors, plus condensed milk, doce de leite, etc. I have maybe twice seen someone selling them out of a cooler around Boston(which is commonly done in Brazil) but its something very unofficial -- unless you want to spend a Saturday hanging around a hair salon in a Brazilian neighborhood its not something you will happen on. And no cucumber/lime that I know of in Brazil. In any case around here my suggestion would be to buy the molds and go to town. Don't know about his newer cookbooks, but I believe Rick Bayless has covered paletas on his TV series. They keep some of the recipes for a couple of seasons on the website so might be searching there and then drawing off the internet for DIY.

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        as usual, itaunas, your encyclopedic knowledge BLOWS. MY. MIND ! thank you.

      2. El Jardin in Eastie maybe.

        1. Two years later, and I wanted to give this thread a bump. Anyone have any new info? I'm a fan of the ones sold in a number of Mexican bodegas in NYC (mango con chile, guanabana, mamey, tamarindo, etc), though if a Brazilian variety were available in interesting flavors in the Boston area, I'd love to try that too.


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            I haven't seen anything local open since Helado Juli's:


            I have been back once, but its been a while and didn't make it through all their flavors but plan to throw a bunch in a cooler one of these days. So haven't checked they are in the same place, but I have still seen their freezers stores and you can find them on facebook. I think there is another vendor of paletas offered in higher end stores (I recall seeing something, but can't place which store in some other changes -- like Alexander's in Medford changing ice cream).

            For Brazilian "chup chup" Petisco (or Petiscos) on Medford Street in Somerville's Magoun Square has 4-6 flavors. They recently changed ownership and I have only had a lunch plate. I need to poke around Everett a bit more to see what they have.

            There also is a Latino laundry chain in Chelsea, Everett, Revere (Don Camillo) which apparently offers Ice Cream. I haven't made it to see what they offer (they do have Richie's slush per a sign in one of them), but thought it was unique.

            Its also worth mentioning shave ice from Frio Rico in East Boston.

          2. These folks are at the Davis Flea each Sunday:

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              Website says also at Belmont Farmers Market on Thursdays from 2-6:30.