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Jun 1, 2011 09:36 AM

Louisville, Late-night Recommendations

Hello Hounders,

A group of seven guys will be in Louisville later this month for a long weekend, and we are looking for some late-night food and drink recommendations. We’ll be staying at the Fairfield Inn Suites downtown, and touring the distilleries during the day. Then in the evenings we’ll be back in Louisville looking for food, drinks, and entertainment. We’ll be celebrating a bachelor party, so ideally we would eat a heavy dinner (Mark’s Feed Store? Doc Crows?) and afterwards sip bourbon until the early morning. We’re professional 30-somethings mind you, but would like to find a few bars/pubs where we can let loose, and that stay open late. The Holy Grale and Third Street Dive seem to be what we’re looking for, but since none of us have been to Louisville, we’d be open to your suggestions. Any particularly seedy or dive-y venues would be great.

We’ll have a driver with us, and money is not a huge issue, especially since we’re not interested in anything fancy. Mainly looking for some fun, interesting late-night spots.

Thanks all!

Third Street Dive
440 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40202

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  1. Hello, I noticed you didn't get any recs, but did you find something fun for late night? Getting ready to take a trip down over labor day.

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    1. re: melanie1128

      The Bardstown Road area in the Highlands neighborhood was what we were looking for. We spent a couple nights at The Back Door, which we all enjoyed. Put it on the list.

      Back Door
      1250 Bardstown Rd Ste 116, Louisville, KY 40204

      1. re: goldblum

        We hit Garage Bar last night. Loud bar atmosphere, pizzas, raw bar and country ham bar. Haven't seen that before, but works really well.

        1. re: goldblum

          Thanks much! Didn't make it down over labor day but we're headed down to see Jimmy Buffett March 3rd. It's on the list.

          1. re: melanie1128

            Market Street is taking off, in my opinion the best area to hit a few places, variety without having to get back in a car. Esp on gallery Hop nights (some fridays)

            Garage, Taco Punk open late
            I think T. Punk just has (good) beers for now, Garage has liquor
            Bars downtown (Proof etc.) walkable from Market street

            hope that helps someone (old thread)