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ISO Colatura di Alici (or Garum)

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Colatura di Alici is an Italian anchovy based fish sauce from Cetara on the Almalfi coast south of Naples (sometimes called by it's ancient name Garum). It is used as a condiment to enhance the flavor of pasta dishes.

Has anyone seen Colatura di Alici available in the GTA?

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  1. I've never seen it but I'll keep an eye out.

    I didn't find it on their website but maybe call Pasquale Bros or Cheese Boutique?

    Pasquale Bros
    16 Goodrich Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

    Cheese Boutique
    45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

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      Thanks Otonabee,

      With all the gourmets and great cooks in Toronto, not to mention the large Italian population, I'm sure it's available somewhere in Toronto. It has a more direct anchovy flavor than Thia fish sauce and tastes great drizzled directly on seafood or tomato pasta dishes. Got my first taste of it in Naples a few years and bought a small bottle that now needs replacing.

      BTW, it's Worcestershire sauce's great great great grandfather...

    2. Found it mail order from buonitalia.com in NYC ($13.15 + shipping). Still on the quest in Toronto, 'cause I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

      Has anyone else tried it ?

      1. Bump.

        Zero luck in TO so far. Desperately seeking Italian Fish Sauce.

          1. You might try hacking Viet Huong Three Crabs fish sauce. Usually about 5 bucks a bottle. Don't bother with the cheaper varieties.

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            1. re: Kagemusha

              Thanks K,

              Do you know any places to buy it ?

              The Red Boat mentioned in the article is available in upper NY, so I'll add it to my get list for the next trip.

              After making homemade KimChi, Sauerkraut, fermented dills, and this years whole pickled cabbage heads (used for cabbage rolls apparently, but not tried yet), I'm half tempted to make some fermented fish sauce myself. Might have to build a dedicated "out building" though...

              1. re: PoppiYYZ

                I get mine from the local NoFrills. It's usually kept with the soy sauce/oyster sauce and other Chinese/SE Asian condiments. Shouldn't be hard to find.