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Jun 1, 2011 09:06 AM

Has anyone been to the Galley restaurant in Nantucket recently?


There are 4 of us who vacation on the island every summer but we've never been to the Galley. Avoided it in the past b/c it seemed like quite the scene (and probably still is). But this year, we wanted to try something different. Debating whether to commit to dinner reservations or if there's an option to go late afternoon / early eve for cocktails and raw bar without reservations... just not sure how big the bar area is and/or the lounge seating that is supposedly right on the beach. Tried looking for info on Southern New England board but not much detail there.

  1. I would go with the caveat of "weather permitting" and the understanding that there may be better food (Oran Mor, American Seasons etc...) but the setting at Galley Beach is spectacular. I think it's the best on the island. The restaurant and bar area had a top notch renovation a couple of years ago and there is a great bar/lounge space to hang out in. I wouldn't be too concerned with it being a scene, every restaurant on ACK is a scene in it's own way. The food may not be table slappin' good but somehow I'm never disappointed with the entire experience.

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