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Asparagus Recipe.

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What is the best way to eat asparagus? Any ideas?

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  1. personally..i like to blanch them.. then wrap them in a nice slice of prosciutto then grill or broil till the prosciutto is crispy ...then some kind of sauce like a hollandaise..

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      Mine starts out the same way, but then I dip the proscuitto wrapped asparagus in a flour, water, salt batter and fry them in olive oil until brown and serve with honey mustard. (Though I have to admit I do this rarely, usually oven roasted with Parmigiano on top.)

    2. lately I have been making shaved asparagus salad.

      1. I do mine like srsone, blanch then grill to get a little char. Then I top with a poached egg and shredded parm on top of it all, little sea salt.

        I like the idea of the prosciutto, will have to try that.

        1. Hi Raisa,

          Here are some suggestions I got from CHers when last year's crop came in:


          1. My new favorite is a shaved asparagus salad with crispy prosciutto. There is a recipe here: http://recipesrandycooks.com/2011/04/...

            1. Grilled, with shaved Parmesan on top. Tasty side. Roasted with pasta or just alone with a drizzle of evoo and balsamic vinegar.

              I have made these fantastic little phyllo treats with an asparagus cheese filling. Yes! Yum! Memorable.

              1. Tossed with olive oil, liberal S&P and throw into a 450 Degree Oven for about 5-7 Mins (depending on thickness of the stalks) and then turn the oven off and leave another 5 minutes....the tops get cripsy and a little salty, and the stems are roasty and tender. So Good! My family's fave way to eat asparagus for the last few years (Also so good cold, between buttered toast, or part of a grilled cheese with ham and a nice mild cheese!)

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                  I do a similar recipe except I use the broiler and shorter times.

                2. Two nights ago, I threw some asparagus in a plastic bag, drizzled in some olive oil, tossed in some sea salt, then massaged the bag a bit while I heated up the grill. DH grilled it in a grill wok for about 12 minutes. Most delicious asparagus ever. DH, who thinks every vegetable either requires mayo or chipotle crack, said, "Wow, this doesn't even need mayo!" High praise from him.

                  1. Asparagus tart from epicurious, asparagus bread pudding (from a recent cooking magazine that I cant recall right now) and, one I haven't made but am dying to since I saw it last night on Jamie Oliver, wrapped in smoked bacon and baked, then served with a soft boiled egg which you did the asparagus into! Yum!

                    1. I was just posting about cold asparagus soup over here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/787433