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Jun 1, 2011 08:37 AM

Quick dinner before class at Villanova

I'm taking night classes at Villanova and I have an hour between the end of my work day and the beginning of class to drive over to school and grab something to eat. The drive takes anywhere between 20-35 minutes depending on traffic, so on a bad traffic day I might be looking at 20-25 minutes for dinner. What are the good cheesesteak, burger, or sandwich places close to the school? Any good spots for a quick bowl of noodles or sushi? The only place I'm familiar with in the area is Theresa's Next Door, which I LOVE, but that would probably take a pinch too long, get too expensive, and I'd probably start blowing off class and just getting drunk. Any suggestions?

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  1. I am no expert in the area but I have grabbed sandwiches and salads at FoodSource about 2 miles from Villanova on Lancaster Ave heading towards Philadelphia. It is a grocery store, although it is small and focused on carry out meals. They have picnic tables outside too (or did anyway)

    1. Not sure what roads you are taking on your way to Villanova. If you are using route 30 West from the Philly area to Villanova, there are many nice places to grab a quick bite along the Ardmore/Bryn Mawr/Rosemont corridor. The BRGR joint, Hope's Cookies/Peace a Pizza, Hummus, Siamese Princess, to name a few.

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        Thanks. I'll be coming from from 476 but I could shoot up to one of those spots if I have time. The Nova area is one of the few that I'm not too familiar with. Thanks for the suggestions.

      2. Sushiland in Bryn Mawr on Lancaster Ave would work, always filled with Villanova students