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Jun 1, 2011 08:31 AM

4Points BBQ and Blues House - Winterport, ME

Just entered my radar screen thru an article in today's Bangor Daily News:

Has anybody been?

Great bbq within an hour of my house? I'd be pretty psyched.

Their website is "under construction" and their Facebook page is pretty minimal, but there are some great pics and a scanned in menu here:

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  1. I've been hearing about this and wanting to try it, but it's so far away...I hear they're doing alligator!

    1. I joined just so I could reply to this thread. :-) I'm the poster of the menu and pictures on my blog. The food is very good. BBQ beans are TDF. Coleslaw is worth traveling for. Yum. The meats I tried were very good and the sauces you can add to the meats are distinctively different. Meat is smoked with a dry rub and you add sauces yourself at table. When I ordered take out I didn't get sauce with the meat, so remember to order sauce to go along with the meal. I ate in the restaurant last week with my foodie sister, who is an awesome cook and she said later in the day, "I'm still smiling."

      I think it would be great if they had a sampler menu, with a little bit of all the kinds of meats labeled. I love the applewood smoked chicken, the pulled pork is very good. Potato salad not so much, IMO. It's still a new restaurant - a little over a month old - so I'm sure they're tweaking things all the time.

      1. Going there this weekend. Sister tried it the other day and loved it!

        1. Absolutely divine barbecue - succulent, well-seasoned and smokey. The brisket and pulled pork were terrific but the Kansas City Burnt Ends were our favorite. Definitely worth a trip!

          1. Went this weekend. The pulled pork was fabulous...really, really good. I enjoyed the brisket, but I prefer the brisket from BT's in Sturbridge MA. Didn't care for the ribs...the membranes were still on. The slaw was excellent. Potato salad is too mushy...more like cold mashed potatoes. The beans were good.

            The have 4 sauces but were out of Memphis style. I preferred the mustard based carolina sauce. The KC sauce is very good. Hated the Texas entire table disliked this one.