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Jun 1, 2011 07:23 AM

Surf Restaurant - Portsmouth, NH (or Nashua)

Anyone been to the Surf Restaurant in Portsmouth yet? I just looked at their website and it looks like there's also one in Nashua.

Thinking of going tonight and wondering how it is. Thanks...

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  1. Been to the one in Nashua, but a long time ago. It was excellent. It's owned by the Buckley restaurant group, they also own MT's (Michael Timothy's) Local and Buckley's Steaks so they have a really great reputation around Nashua. I think it's great that they have opened their seafood restaurant closer to the coast. I think it's well worth it for you to try, don't think you'll be disappointed (though having recently opened, it may be worth waiting for a couple of weeks).

    1. How cool is that? Surf in Nashua is great--you'll like it if it's anything like the original. Please report back--you scooped Hippo Press!