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Jun 1, 2011 06:57 AM

Restaurant suggestions

my husband and I will be in Austin for just a weekend but want to go somewhere great for lunch one day. We wanted to find out if anyone can suggest a spot that is hot right now? We would consider ourselves foodies and have been to the Austin spots like Maudies, County Line, Rudys, etc. so we are looking for a fun spot. Maybe even bring the kids to. We don't mind off the beaten path. Let me know.

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  1. Trailers are "hot" right now...both figuratively, and literally. Many of them aren't open for lunch, but quite a few are. If you could give us a little more information about your food preferences, we could probably suggest some good ones.

    Other newish places that have gotten a fair amount of buzz and are open for lunch: Haddington's, Second. Both are good and accessible to many palates, although neither blows me out of the water, food-wise.