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Jun 1, 2011 05:36 AM

Trump & Palin Dining on "Pizza"


Did anyone else see the report on the news today of Trump and Palin dining on pizza? They chose La Famiglia. Of all the pizza places in NYC, I can't fathom why they chose this place. Granted, it is in Times Square, but my guess is Trump owed someone a favor. On the Ch 4 News report they showed a few shots of their slice. Donald took his plastic fork and lifted what looked like plastic cheese off of a cardboard crust. The newscaster commented that Melania "was not very hungry". I wonder why? If I were a PR person for NYC I'd be really upset having our great pizza portrayed in this manner.

    1. Dunno. Trashy people eating shitty food? Works for me.

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      1. They ate their pizzas with a knife and fork. Says it all.

        1. I don't think the Donald puts as much thought into his meals as the average Chowhounder. But then again, I don't think we put as much thought into self-promotion as the average publicity hound. La Famiglia is convenient, located not far from the networks with enough space that the families and entourage would not inconvenience patrons and large streetside windows that would provide the perfect frame for earned media. These media factors probably far outweighed any culinary points. That said, La Famiglia isn't very good, but also isn't atypical of the average slice, most of which isn't worth eating either.

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            I've heard more than once that he eats his steak cooked well done and served with ketchup, no matter what the restaurant or cut of meat. That says it all about his tastes in food, IMO.

          2. La Famiglia was featured in the first episode of this last season of Celebrity Apprentice. The teams had to run a pizza place for a few hours. One of the locations was in Times Square, the other was near NYU. The owner appeared in a few clips and donated a bunch of money to the winning project manager's charity at the end of the task. (I'm a fan of the show; so sue me.) Clearly, he maintains a relationship with the company, so this was probably just another chance for him to give them some publicity. I'm sure they'll do something nice for him in return.