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Taste of Jamaica in Mt. Kisco ... closed?

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Kept calling today and it was like phone was being picked up ... then nothing. Stopped by and the place is torn to pieces and there's a couple of pieces of paper on the windows, but NO information at all. Anyone know anything? It is/was a wonderful place!

Thanks Alley

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  1. That is terrible news! We were planning on kicking off summer with an outdoor dinner there this Friday. So sorry to hear it, I love Michelle and her food.

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      Yes..she is closed....I spoke with Michelle the day she left...Friday....very sad. She said she would try to open up somewhere else, but no immediate plans.

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        Bugger, bugger BUGGER! and sux! It was great, and good and rare value. Hope she will open elsewhere: I'll be standing in line fer sure.


    2. Have any of the mourners tried Jamaica Kitchen in Yonkers?

      Jamaica Kitchen
      24 N Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10701

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