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May 31, 2011 10:27 PM

CAKE BOY (LONDON) Anyone Beeen?

I read about this place recently and wondered if anyone has ever been. It's the shop and cafe of Eric Lanlard, the famed patissier. It sounds as if it's between Clapham Common and Wandsworth.

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  1. Yes, I have been a couple of times. Had a croissant first time, and had a cupcake the 2nd time. The cupcake was outstanding, it was apple and was like a muffin filled with a cooked apple compote. Really good with a cup of tea. It is a slightly odd location, it's basically a cafe at the bottom of a (fancy) block of flats. But he runs baking classes there and has some nice looking cakes and patisserie. It is quite a small cafe, and if you go then do expect to have to squeeze past a pram or 2, there are lot of people with babies in Wandsworth and and they all like cake

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      Having pushed a pram or two in my time (more with grandchildren), I think that mothers with babies are entitled to eat lots of cake! Yes, the location does seem strange, but he's supposed to be so talented, and I just wondered after reading about his shop. Thanks for the info.

    2. actually, sorry it WAS a muffin and not a cupcake. Just so you aren't confused! We bought cupcakes for the kids but the icing on them was so lurid that I didn't even want to taste them. I'm not a fan of cupcakes so am not a good judge.

      1. its near the massive riverside complex near wandsworth round about- near the McDonalds

        cakes are lovely - I went there 2 years ago with my cousin on a Saturday afternoon and Eric was in there. Place was nearly empty but thats probably because there were closing in about an hour. Eric was a lovely guy and asked us what we thought of the cake. I had a lovely chocolate one and my cousin a fruit cheesecake of some sort. I would stick to the fruit creations as they are less sweet
        I believe he also does a nice afternoon tea as well and baking classes.
        you could go there and then walk it off along the river? That's what I would do next time. Shame its not close to me or I would be a regular

        Enjoy cake boy

        1. I went a couple of months ago. The cakes were stunningly beautiful and delicious. A friend and I skipped lunch and pigged out on a selection.
          The location is quite strange though, we almost got lost finding it and it's not terribly near any kind of public transport. Worth the schlep though.

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            Thanks, alex. Maybe all the walking and schlepping to get there will use up a few calories for me!

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              You mean you don't just land at the heliport and stroll right in?!

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                Oh, there's a heliport? OK, I'll try that. :-)

            2. not been to cake boy but HAVE been to Cox, Cookies and Cake - his joint cupcake project with shoe designer Patrick Cox. They formed it to put the "sexy" back into cupcakes and I have to say I've really enjoyed everything I've had here. I can only imagine that the rest of Lanlard's recipes are just as tasty and well executed.

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                A better location for me to get to... thanks for the tip. I'd forgotten about this place.