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May 31, 2011 09:18 PM

Frankfurt Restaurant for a Wi-Die?

Hi everyone,
I'm a certified Wi-Die (a Wino Foodie) and I'm going to be in Frankfurt on an upcoming Saturday (June 11). Any recommendations for a restaurant with excellent food that also has a top-flight wine list? Having gone through past posts and having done a bit of research, I've learned that Francais is closed weekends and it would appear that Tiger-Restaurant is as well.
Do any of you have any ideas? The food and wine can be from anywhere, just as long as it's really good... Though I'd be super excited if we could find a place with great German wines...
Many thanks in advance!

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  1. If it's German wine you are after I would suggest Maingau Stuben (http://maingau.de/en/restaurant/index...), which has apparently changed it's name to Döpfner's (but the chef and menu remain the same). It's located in a hotel of the same name (which is not recommended) in residential Sachsenhausen, and a very quick taxi ride from the city center. The food is very good and the wine list is always winning accolades from the Deutsches Weininstitut, which as the name would suggest, is all about German wine.

    That said, I do believe Tiger Restaurant is in fact open on Saturday nights. In fact my husband and I dined there only a few months ago on a Saturday. Also very good, in fact the food is probably a notch above Maingau Stuben and I seem recall that they did offer a few decent German wines as well, though I was drinking french that night and can't say for sure. But the food at Maingau Stuben is also very good and the wine list is much more focused on German wine. Guess it all depends what you are in the mood for.

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      Many thanks for your reply hungry.schatzi.
      You're right, Tiger-Restaurant is usually open Saturdays but not on the one I'll be in Frankfort, June 11. Your recommendation of Döpfner's is well noted and I thank you very much for the tip.
      Best to you,

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        Well that figures. As someone who lives in Frankfurt it is an endless source of annoyance that many the best restaurants are closed on the weekends.

        Hope you enjoy your trip.

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          Thanks again hungry.schatzi. It appears Saturday June 11 is an exception for Tiger and that they will normally be open on weekends... This issue of the best restaurants being closed on weekends is true in most European capitals... Oh well!.

    2. Pierre,
      If you don't mind driving about an hour, you can drink some very old vintages of Georg Breuer at the hotel reataurant associated with this fine estate.
      Have fun!

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        Markcron, that sounds perfect for me except I won't have a car and wouldn't want to drive after what I'd do in a place like that!
        Many thanks, though, I'll most certainly go there on my next visit to the region.
        Best to you,