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May 31, 2011 07:23 PM

Onn's: A Pretty Good Addition to the Bronxville Scene.

We had dinner at Onn's tonight. Onn's is in Calvin's former location on Palmer. Overall, it was a pretty decent meal with the exception of overly intrusive and desperate-seeming service. The owners, or whomever it was running the restaurant, were strident in their attempts to have us order certain dishes, the lobster special (at $26.99) in particular. We all decided to have dumplings to start -- two orders of fried pork dumplings and one of steamed vegetable dumplings. They were pretty tasty, and unlike the Hunan II in town, they seemed to be made in house. Hunan's are pretty doughy with a large piece of pork filling in the middle. These were smaller and more delicate both in appearance and flavor. One of our party had never eaten Chinese food before, so we ordered him shrimp and broccoli. He was quite happy with it, and it looked very tasty and ungloppy. I had a Malaysian shrimp sambal that was very good, though not as spicy as I had requested. My son's fried noodles with chicken was the most unsuccessful of the entrees being a trifle bland and watery. It was still pretty tasty, especially after a dose of soy sauce. We also shared an excellent scallion pancake. For appetizers, three entrees and three sodas later, the bill came to $78.

An interesting side note --- there was a framed article about Hunan Village, the much-loved local Chinese place formerly on Central Avenue, which seemed to indicate that the owners of Onn's were somehow part of Hunan Village.

I hope this place survives. It seems much the best Chinese food in town.

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  1. Sounds decent. What's the environment like? As far as " best ", have you tried Wild Ginger? They make a great Sambal dish...

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      I have tried Wild Ginger and was not happy with the meal we had there. Onn's is a very small restaurant with only about 8-10 tables at most. As I noted, the woman and man who seem to be the FOH there, are so so anxious to make this a success, that they are a little too on top of you. One pet peeve I have is when the server begins removing dishes once some of the diners are done. This happened there as part of the table hovering going on. But I really liked the food.

      Wild Ginger
      48 Great Neck Rd, Great Neck, NY 11021

    2. I loved Hunan Village back when. Thanks for the post, roxlet.
      Here's the menu:

      1. another place that may be of interest is the newly opened little thai kitchen on the bridge in scarsdale. even if it is a bit difficult to get to(i'm currently recovering from surgery and hobbled in with the help of a walker). had take-out but there are a few tables. the fried dumplings were very good, but really do not hold up as take-out (no surprise). also had a mango chicken - excellent and also beef pad thai and a salad

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          Yes, I am looking forward to trying that place. Since my son will be done with school today, we will probably give it a try for lunch soon. The parking is an issue, I understand. Onn's is really more of a Chinese restaurant with some other Asian specialities.

        2. I've ordered out from Onn's several times, I find that they are better for some things than other places in the area. But the prices are much higher, and this is in an area with already high prices. I do like that you can order online, with spicing suggestions, and they can bring it out to your car while you are double parked. With the terrible parking situation there, it is a great service.

          Here is a link to the website with menus and online ordering.

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            Yes, I agree that they are pretty pricy. Hunan in Bronxville is cheaper, but then Onn's is better.

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              I had an impromptu party last night and we ordered a dozen dishes from Onn's. We were very disappointed. The food was mediocre at best this time, and the servings were small. The price came out to 50% more than if we had ordered from Hunan III, and the food would have been better if we ordered from them as well.

            2. Went to Onn's for lunch today since they've been on a blitzkrieg "Grand Opening" PR campaign with coupons, menus under the door, etc. After a great dinner at the Noodle Bar in LES last night we wanted to continue the noodle soup diet and were interested in Onn's Tom Yum and Malaysian Prawn Mee. The Roti Canai appetizer also caught our attention, so we were going in with a plan.
              We got there around 1:00 and we were the only customers in the place. No problems, we sat where directed by the FOH and asked for Singha beers. While waiting for the drinks, we noticed that the dishes we wanted to order were not on the menu. The waitress brought our beers over and we asked about the noodle soups and roti we had seen in the "Grand Opening" menu/flyer. She seemed confused, so we got a copy of the menu/flyer from the huge stack on the sushi bar and pointed out what we wanted. She gave us a quizzical look and had to ask about 3 times if we really wanted roti and noodle soups. We assured her that we wanted roti and soups but we had a couple of questions first to make sure we were ordering correctly. Was the Prawn Mee made with coconut milk? "No." "Really? We want to make sure because we just had coconut-base curry soup last night and I want to try something different today." "No, no coconut." At that point the man who was trying hard not to look like the manager interjected that the Prawn Mee was indeed coconut milk based. Okay. But that was the last we heard from him.
              We managed to convey that we wanted an appetizer of roti canai and main dishes of Tom Yum soup for him, and the udon with beef for her. This did not compute. "Udon? You want make soup?" No, we want you to make the soup with udon noodles and beef, we wanted to say. "Yes, please, udon noodle soup with beef, please" "And roti?" "Yes, please" "Okay...." She went to place the order.
              At this point we realized that our beers were room temperature. " Singha supposed to be served warm?" "I don't think so" "Do you want to complain?" I looked to the man trying not to be the manager and shook my head. "We bought the ticket, let's take the ride on this strange torpedo." The waitress came back from the kitchen and sat at a table across from us and proceeded to make wontons from a mound of ground pork that we hadn’t noticed there before. We drank the warm Singha.
              “Ding” went the bell from the kitchen about 10 minutes later. Our waitress got up and came back with an appetizer portion of Tom Yum soup. “Very hot, careful please” Okay. After poking around with the chopsticks for a few minutes, noticing squid, scallops and shrimp in the devilishly red broth, he took a sip and a bite and declared it good. “Go ahead, you always eat slower than me anyway” she said. By the time he was almost finished, the roti and dipping sauce came out. She tore into the roti with her fingers, but the waitress still went to get a knife for us to cut the flatbread. This dish was also very good.
              Wondering if the udon soup was ever coming we ordered a second round of beer. “Please, we would like cold beer. If you don’t have cold Singha, we will have another.” “Okay, cold beer”. She came back with a bottle of Singha which she offered us to touch before opening. It was cold, but apparently the only one. “Other beer getting cold now”. Okay, we split it. She went back to wonton making.
              “Ding” and the soup came out in a huge bowl filled with udon, beef and baby bok choy in a clear broth. In the first prescient move she made, she brought two smaller bowls so we could share. She also brought over the second beer which was now cold by some miracle of modern science. Scooping out equal portions into the bowls, we found the individual ingredients to be good, but there was no unifying agent to bring it all together. “Hi, do you have some hot sauce? Sriracha, sambal, anything like that?” She went immediately to the soda fridge and brought out a jar of sambal sauce which we put to immediate and tasty use. That did the trick and we enjoyed the next 10 minutes, slurping noodles, beef and broth. When we had almost finished, our waitress came to the table with another bottle of Singha and asked “More beer?”. We waved her off, we had had enough. Somehow, the bill was accurate but under the udon line it was written in capital letters “MAKE SOUP”. Hmmmm….
              Onn’s, very good food, weird service. Of course, as we walked out, two groups walked in. We said nothing. Let them have their own stories to tell.