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May 31, 2011 07:09 PM

Best Happy Hours in Far NW Austin and Beyond (Cedar Park, Round Rock)

A group of friends and I meet monthly, generally for happy hours and catching up. We all live somewhere near 183, ranging from near the Arboretum into Cedar Park. We're all willing to drive at least a bit for someplace worthwhile.

Several of us are wine drinkers. Others prefer to take advantage of the happy hour appetizers (and maybe save some calories for dessert). Past favorites include Iron Cactus, Roaring Fork, the Steeping Room, and Cru. One last requirement -- it needs to not be so noisy that conversation is inhibited.

Any suggestions for really great happy hours so we can expand our horizons? Thanks so much.

Iron Cactus
4501 Spicewood Springs Rd Ste 1020, Austin, TX 78759

Steeping Room
11410 Century Oaks Ter Ste 112, Austin, TX 78758

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  1. Simplicity comes to mind (a bit outside but..)

    1. Freda's Seafood Grille has a very decent happy hour for apps, draft beer... Several cocktails and I think the wine offering is alright. It's located just south of Lakeline Mall,

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        This was our choice for this month, and it worked really well. I think we were all satisfied with our choices. I had two of the appetizers -- the stuffed mushrooms, which were okay, and the Cajun fried pickles. I was told that the difference between them and their regular fried pickles were that they were a little spicier. I didn't taste much spice, although, toward the end of the dish, my mouth was feeling a little warm. But this is not a complaint -- I *really* enjoyed them and would definitely order them again. One of the things I found the most interesting about them is that they were made with pickle slices (like sandwich slices) rather than the more traditional spears. It's the first time I've had them like this, and I think I really prefer this cut.

        Of my friends, one ordered a salad, which she really liked. The other ordered a regular-menu item, the Grilled Shrimp, which she really enjoyed as well. I did notice, though, that she cut off the bottoms of each asparagus spear before she ate it, leading me to think it may have been hard. We'll definitely go back another time, although I'd still love to get other recommendations as well.

        As far the other places, I've often thought about trying Truluck's, but even their HH prices seem a bit high. Are the portions worth the higher (comparatively) prices? Otherwise, they're now all on our list for future get-togethers.

        Also, thanks for the updates to the HH info for some of the other restaurants. We experienced a similar change last month at Cru. They've extended thei HH until 7pm, but now it's not half off all appetizers. Rather, they have "small plates" for one person, starting at $3. They were good, but a little more limited than the old menu.

        BTW, amysuehere, Simplicity definitely sounds like it's worth trying, but it's just a little far out (distance-wise) for this group. I just can't imagine driving down from the 620/183 area to get there for a HH with the way traffic is anymore. But now that it's on my radar, I'll have to try it at some point.

      2. North and Fleming's at the Domain. North's happy hour menu is particularly good.

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          I love the HH at Flemings... the carpaccio is one of my favorite things ever and their burger is always good and a great value. I've never been to North but I'd like to. There is nothing about their HH online so could you please expand upon that? I'd really enjoy some details.

          1. re: Rene

            After your response I realize my post was poorly worded. I was trying to say that whatever is on the happy hour menu is probably good based on what I've had from their whole menu.

            They changed their HH menu several months back and the trio of spreads is sorely missed. The only things I know are on the HH menu for sure are the bruchetta and a few of the pizzas (mozzarella/basil and pepperoni come to mind). The pizzas are very good, and so is the bruchetta. I'll take better notes of the HH menu on my next trip.

              1. re: TheBadWolf

                Thank you for the reminder. We stayed at the Domain last week but ended up at Flemings.... creatures of habit I suppose... still great carpaccio. I'll make North a point in the coming weeks.

          2. given that several of you are wine drinkers, a lot of the domain restaurants immediately popped into my head.

            some other places i have enjoyed for HH are truluck's and eddy v's.

            1. I like beer, so I like happy hours at places with lots of options. Opal Divine Marina has so-so food, but they have a great draft list (and a large number of cocktails too). Happy Hour is half off certain apps and $3 margaritas last I checked. They also rotate out different specials each night. I personally like the Texas special on Thursdays. Inside is super noisy but they have a big patio.

              I have not tried The Dig Pub yet, but there's a potential Cedar Park option for you. It's on Cypress Creek, so not too far in. They have a large number of taps and rotate a lot of craft beers.

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                Opal Divine's also knows how to serve scotch properly and they've got quite the list - lots of different single malts available in flights etc.