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May 31, 2011 06:46 PM

Charbroiled Burgers in Dallas Metro Plex?

IN N OUT has arrived and everybody has an opinion because taste is subjective and we all have choices. But this isn't about IN N OUT burger.

Anyone from Southern California and probably East Coast too, are probably aware of the charbroiled burger joints that are not chains but their burgers are so good, I think some are even better than IN N OUT.

Charbroiled is key, and fresh ingredients and a good sauce. It's that unique char broiled "Non Chain" taste. Picture the old Saturday Night Live skits with John Belushi......"CheeBurger, Cheeburger Cheeburger., Pepsi, pepsi pepsi."

I think of Lucky Boys in Pasadena, CA. I think of Jim's Burgers in L.A. or Apollo Burger in Anaheim. They have that Charbroiled unique taste that even IN N OUT doesn't have.

And they are the "chee burger, chee burger chee burger" skit.

I have searched high and low for this kind of place in Dallas Metro Plex. So far, no luck. The burgers are fried, greasy, mustard, and endless combinations. I don't even see or smell any smoke from a broiler. I am not criticizing, it's what they prefer here.

But I have to think there's at least one place like described above. Anyone know? Help. Thanks.

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  1. Try Del's Charcoal Burgers in Richardson for char broiled burgers. They make their own frosty root beer, too!

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    1. re: twinwillow

      Del's is just the place you are looking for. It definetly qualifies as a dive.I don't know what we'll do if they close up shop. There used to be plenty of char bars around but not so much now.

      1. re: fishfry

        Thanks Fish, that's 2 recommendations for Del's so I better try it for sure.

        1. re: Eddiehaskell7

          Del's is the first place I thought of as well. Quality burger.

        2. re: fishfry

          Not to worry. I think the current owner is there for the long haul. From what I understand, he bought the place from the original owner a few years back and to his credit, hasn't changed a thing!
          And, every time I drive by on Thursday to meet my "lunch gang" at First Chinese BBQ, the parking lot is packed and the charcoal smoke is billowing from his smoke stack.

        3. re: twinwillow

          Thanks Twill.......I'll be sure to give it a try and let you know. Thanks again.

          1. re: Eddiehaskell7

            Husband and I were disappointed in Back Yard Burger. Definitely overpriced for a dry burger and not hot and crisp fries.

            I like Del's a lot, though it's no Hodad's (dive in San Diego I remember from growing up).

            I like the regular burger there, hold the mustard. The tater tots are better than the fries.

            Back Yard Burgers
            10930 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75231

            1. re: Chile Pepper

              Sorry to hear about this. Backyard burger looks good in the pictures but it seems to be more of a gourmet type burger. (I guess you didn't find that to be the case though.).....I like the char broiled simple burgers. Not fancy. And not all kinds of options. Just simple and char broiled. Del's might be something like that.

            1. re: Webra1

     that place looks damn good! simple char broiled Tad's steakhouse in downtown San Francisco......simple, char broiled.....good. thanks! Love the simple steak and potato. Nice.

          2. There is also a little place on Lower Greenville called "Melios Bros. Char Bar". But according to Yelp and others, the reviews are quite mixed.

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            1. re: twinwillow

              Yeah......Melios has kind of a mixed review. Too bad no pictures. I can tell a lot from the picture of the burger! :)

            2. Try Back Yard Burgers on North Central Expressway, on the east side of the access road just south of Royal Ln. See

              Other than my own, one of the best char broiled burgers I remember having in this area was at EZs which unfortunately are no longer present in the DFW area. See


              Back Yard Burgers
              10930 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75231

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              1. re: RobbnTX

                Thanks Robbn. That's a big burger! Looks good. I prefer mine much smaller but that looks delicious and char broiled and angus beef. I'll have to go there when I have been on a fast. And they even offer 2/3rds pounder. Wow. Kind of a gourmet place I think. I"m sure it's very good.

                1. re: RobbnTX

                  I was a great fan of E-Z's. Great food. Like a New Jersey diner.

                  1. re: twinwillow

                    Yep same here. It really ticked me off when they closed up.

                  2. re: RobbnTX

                    Didn't see an announcement about it, but Backyard Burgers in Dallas is now closed. The sign is down and it's now a Chicken Express.

                    1. re: pappy97

                      Well, There's always Carl's Jr. A chain, yes. But their burgers ARE charbroiled.

                  3. If you don't insist on ordering from a drive-through window, Scotty P's has some pretty darn good charcoal broiled hamburgers. It doesn't say so on the menu, but they are.


                    Sheesh! I responded to a past that is 13 months old! Oh well. Scotty P's is still excellent.

                    1. QUESTION, PLEASE -- from out-of-towner --- what does "charbroiled" mean --- from what i gather, it does NOT mean "flat top" which are lots of burgers -- but (shame here) i do recall that flame broil or similar marketing terminology was burger kings claim to fame (vs the clown place)

                      so can one do this at home - char broil ?
                      does one have to have wood coals or does gas bbq work for this?

                      does the term "grilling" mean the same as char broiling?

                      is it a certain type of beef (i assume IF GROUND PRODUCT, IT MUST BE 100 percent beef - ie no pork mixed in for fat --- or is it even possible to have a chicken / turkey / fish burger char broiled?!)

                      thank you for your patience with this question - and references to youtube / jpgs are welcome.

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                      1. re: Georgia Strait

                        Grilling in a restaurant usually means cooking on a flat top.
                        Grilling at home usually means outside on a BBQ grill with charcoal or gas.
                        Charbroiled in a restaurant means cooking over live charcoal flames like, Del's Charcoal Burgers on 110 So. McKinney Street in Richardson. Watch the great video on the website. I bet you'll be there tomorrow.

                        1. re: twinwillow

                          THANK YOU -for explaining ----

                          no, i've never been to texas - i hope to one day --- i'll have to walk there in order to save up cals for all the good food you have to offer.